Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, is like reading a fairy tale. You might have gone through some illustrations in various books, and this castle has those things. It consists of the same frescoes, towers, throne halls, etc.

Due to its deep and exciting history with scenic beauty, people attract to it. Every year, millions of people visit Bavaria, and they do not miss going to Neuschwanstein Castle. If you wish to visit such a fantasy world, then Montaregio can help you a lot.

Get more information on how you can spend your holidays in this city. Today, we will discuss some reasons to go to the Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle in 2024. It is necessary to know why you should go there and admire the scenic beauty of this place. Determine why this place is known as a fairy tale.

1. Location


Many people are aware of its location, i.e., Bavaria, Germany. If you ask any local person, he can guide you to the area. It is easy to reach there with the help of local transport. It is a renovation of the Hohenschwangau Castle.

Ludwig II played out his entire childhood here. All the travelers must go to the Hohenschwangau village to purchase the ticket for the palace entrance.

2. Height

If we talk about the entire height of the palace, then it is not much. But the highest tower of height 213 feet is there. It is a significant attraction for people to come and visit the place. The perch of the castle is placed on a hill, which gives a fantastic silhouette.

3. Time of Construction


In the summer of 1868, the palace construction idea was made. The initial stone was laid on September 5, 1869. On the other side, King Ludwig II took over the place by 1873, but he was unable to observe the entire palace version.

When he passed away, the beautiful palace was then released for the tourists to visit. There are over 180 rooms inside the castle, as per the plan. But after constructing some rooms, the project did not get many funds.

4. Reason Behind the Construction

The reason behind the construction is the reputation of King Ludwig II. He wrote a formal letter to Richard Wagner, a German composer, in which he expressed his thoughts about recreating the old Hohenschwangau palace into the renovated knight castle.

He described the entire architecture of the palace and how it should be constructed. The main aim is to construct a beautiful palace, and everyone appreciates it. Without any personal or political dispute, King Ludwig II constructed Neuschwanstein Castle.

After losing his entire powers during the 1866 war to Prussia, he later approved the alliance. It was assumed that Neuschwanstein was Ludwig II’s created kingdom, and he will be declared as the True Royal.

5. History of the Bavaria King


After spending his childhood in the Schloss Hohenschwangau village, he became a servant of Prussia. Before that, he was interested in plays and musical dramas composed by Richard Wagner. When he reached 18 years old age, he became the Bavaria king. After two years, Prussia seized it and applied military as well as foreign powers.

6. Getting Inspiration of Like a Disney Fairy Tale

The Neuschwanstein structure is similar to the Disney fairy tale. There are blue turrets along with limestone façades. According to rumors, in 1950, the movie Cinderella is released.

The palace inspiration was done from the Disney one. Before constructing the theme park in California, Walt Disney takes a tour of this place along with his wife. The park spokesperson told him that he had King Ludwig II’s palace in his mind.

7. Perfect Time to Take a Tour


There is no perfect time to take a holiday tour of Neuschwanstein. One can come here at any time and admire the palace’s beauty. You can go to this place in winters, summers, autumn, spring, etc. If you are coming in the Autumn season, you should attend the 16-day Munich Oktoberfest celebration.

In winters, the palace towers are covered with snow. It looks perfect when the sun shines on them. During springs, the castle becomes the highlight in the lush green landscape. During summers, people come here to enjoy their holidays.

8. Dressing Room of the King

The dressing room of the king is quite beautiful. Various magnificent paintings are available in his room with fantastic art. The room is perfectly finished with violet as well as gold silks. The illustrations depict the dedication of the work of various poets. You cannot miss it when you go there.

9. Castle Exterior


There is a famous bridge that is hanging above the waterfall. One can get amazing views from that bridge and take pictures. The Marienbrucke bridge is a significant attraction for many tourists.

If you want to see the beauty of the Bavarian Alps, you should spend some of your time here. It is vital to explore the wooden trails that are surrounded the castle.

10. Castle Interior

King Ludwig thought about many plans to be implemented in this palace. But unfortunately, many plans were never implemented. Tourists can admire the interior by checking out 14 finished rooms.

It is possible to check the king’s bedroom, cave grotto, singer hall, etc. You can explore the antique decoration and room interiors. If you are a historical explorer, then you will love visiting this place.

Final Thoughts


Bavaria, Germany is a famous place for tourists to explore the authentic history of the country. Many leading kings and artists were born on this land, and people across the globe come here to discover the palaces where they once lived.

There is something unique about these places, i.e., infrastructure, art pieces, unique bridges, etc. If you have come to this place, it is a must to visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Go through all the reasons mentioned above to go to this palace without any doubt. You may miss a lot if you leave this place for the visit.