The reasons that commonly lead to cheating differ between the sexes. A common misconception among women is that men cheat because they do not feel love for their partner anymore. In fact, male infidelity is usually liked to a desire for a more varied sex life.

While sex is definitely also a motivator for cheating among women, it is often the case that females cheat due to a dissatisfaction with some of part of the emotional side of their relationship.

Unfortunately, it can often seem we are not on the same page as our partners at all when it comes to relationships. For many of us, when things are not going well, the fear that we are not good enough for our partner and that he/she will begin to look elsewhere is real. If you are the jealous type, this article will give you a few handy tips on how to keep your partner interested so that they do not even think about playing away.

1. Do Not Be Afraid to Initiate Sex


The hallmark of a stale relationship is where both parties no longer make the effort to initiate sexual relations anymore. If this sounds like your relationship, you should try to remedy the situation. Do not be hesitant to initiate sex every now and again – you might find that your partner is receptive and has been thinking along the same lines.

If you are rebuffed, try again another night. Make sure to wine and dine your partner first to create a romantic atmosphere. Once the act is done, people often find that new life has been breathed in their feelings toward their partner.

2. Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons why people’s eyes begin to wander in a relationship regards a desire for new sexual experiences. If you feel that this applies to your partner, you should make a concerted effort to explore a different side of your sexuality with him/her.

While you might try doing this as a saucy surprise, such as buying new underwear or toys, it often helps to have a heart-to-heart to discuss each other’s fantasies. You can also follow this holy grail of cum guide to improve your sexual performance. Once you have settled on a few things that you would both be open to trying, you can begin to make plans for an evening of new experiences. If you would like a little libido boost, visit for some fantastic natural sex-enhancing supplements.

3. Curb Your Jealous and Give Them Some Slack


In many cases, fears that your partner is running a risk of being unfaithful are unfounded. Those of us with issues surrounding jealousy and insecurities often develop irrational beliefs on this subject. While such beliefs are not good for your own peace of mind and tranquility, they can also end up driving your partner away. Ironically, it is often when a person has become so fed up with their partner’s suspicions that they end up looking elsewhere. A form of self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will!

4. Appreciate Your Partner

Long-term relationships are never always plain sailing. You will go through ups and downs together, and there will be times where you take your partner for granted. While this is a natural and healthy part of any relationship, you should take the time to show your appreciation every once in a while. You can do this in any way that you choose, be it with flowers, a special favor or cooking their favorite meal – just make sure to remind him/her how much you love them. Doing so will act as a kind of reset button, helping both parties remember why they entered into the relationship in the first place.

5. Do Not Hold Grudges


One of the most toxic things that you can do in a relationship is to hold grudges. When there is a lack of forgiveness and empathy, it can drive a person to seek a more caring touch from someone else. There should never be subjects that cannot be broached in a healthy relationship. If you have an issue with something that your partner has done or did in the past, do not store it up and let it affect the way that you are together. Either address the issue at the time or let bygones be bygones. This is the only way to make sure that both you and your partner have space to grow individually and together in a relationship.

6. Travel Together

Relationships can suffer if we fall into a rut with work and life in general. There are surely many people who are driven to be unfaithful due to a general dissatisfaction with the way in which their life is going.

One of the best ways of keeping things fresh in a relationship is to organize trips away together. Whether you decide on a romantic trip to the Galapagos, an intimate weekend jaunt in Istanbul, or a sensual trip to Thailand, there is nothing that will rekindle the love between you better than spending time outside your comfort zone in foreign lands together.

7. See a Counselor


If you really are concerned about the direction in which your relationship is heading, it is often a great solution to see a couples counselor together. If there is a will on both sides to continue the relationship, you should be able to resolve any issues that you have by getting everything out in the open with the help of an objective third-party. It will help you understand that many of your insecurities around unfaithfulness are unfounded and a product of things that our parents may have done in their relationships.

There is no quick fix for preventing your partner from cheating on you. However, if you use the tips above, you should stand a good chance of strengthening your relationship so the worst does not happen. If after this you are still worried about your partner being unfaithful, you will probably find that you are with a person who is not a good match for you in the first place.