Every single company needs to have a way to find customers and generate leads. Sometimes the best solution is to leave the searching up to the customers. Frankly, it sounds like a dream come true, sit back and have eager customers contact you.

However, if you choose that approach you first need to make it easy for people to find your business online. Here is a local SEO guide for moving companies in which we will discuss how to make that happen.

The importance of SEO


Firstly we would like to get a few terms straight. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it represents a set of web design practices that will ensure your website stands out and gets a high rank. Digital marketing has become the go to for any business, but small businesses and those offering services to a localized area really need to lean into digital marketing to grow their business.

Be honest, when was the last time you used anything other than a search engine to loop up a service you need? Therefore, by investing in SEO you are also investing into a constant stream of leads. Those interested users will simply arrive at your website based on the fact that users are able to find you.

Keywords matter


The linchpin of any SEO marketing campaign are going to be keywords. Think of them as phrases people put into the search engine which your website can rank for. With the right keywords your page will be among the top ones delivered to users when the browser is presenting the search results. The first step in our local SEO guide for moving companies is obviously going to be thinking up keywords.

In order to generate relevant keywords, look to your business and the core services you offer. For moving companies there is a bunch of options like: moving, relocation, transport, furniture, lifting… Does your business offer any additional services such as packing or storage? Be sure to include them in your keywords as well. Since our goal is to think locally, you should also include the town or suburb where you are based.

It might be a good idea to check where most of your customers are coming from and include those areas in your list of keywords. Now that you have a list to work with, it is time to look up traffic for your selected keywords. Create a free account on Google Ads. Even a basic account will allow you to input search terms and see how many people are looking up and clicking on the keywords you have selected.

Here’s how to get into Google’s map pack


If you are unsure what we’re talking about just fire up your browser and look up any local service on Google. You will be presented with a map of your area showing three results that relate to your search. That’s why this is also known as the local pack or the 3 pack ranking. Being a part of Google’s map pack is hugely important for local businesses who want to tap their neighboring area for customers and get hits on searches.

You can do this by claiming your Google My Business account. Just follow Google’s step-by-step instructions, go through the verification process and fill out all the required information. That one move will be more beneficial to your rank than most of the changes you can do to your website.

What are the most important pages on your website?


Obviously, some pages are going to be more important than others when SEO is concerned. Focus on making your home page appealing, as well as the specialized pages for your services. Actually, this may be a good time to redesign your entire website. Not only do your pages need to look nice, they should include the keywords you have selected, and your page’s meta descriptions also need to have the keywords.

Meta descriptions of pages are more important than you think and you need to optimize them to include relevant information. You will have very little time to stand out, even when you reach page one of the search results. Most people just visually scan the top 10 results. That’s why your meta description needs to be eye catching and natural so it can draw users to click on your website.

Content marketing


Over time, the average user has become less susceptive to simple ads that just feature a company’s name. The new trend for local SEO guides for moving companies is to offer quality content on your website. Make that content the key focus of your marketing campaign. Your best course of action is to start a blog and write audience engaging content, which will drive users to your website.

Feature blog posts that will give valuable information to your visitors which is also tied to the services you are offering. Write about anything from DIY packing solutions, moving day tips, guides on how to prepare for relocation, or any other topic you are knowledgeable in.

Don’t neglect the technical aspects of SEO


Focusing on the local area is important, but regular SEO techniques still need to be employed for your campaign to be successful. We realize that not everyone is a tech-wizard when it comes to websites and SEO and that all of the jargon can get a bit confusing. Thankfully, you can ask help from experts in the SEO field such as Movers Development.

Basically, you need to start building a network of links and fix any broken links you come by. Include citations with your NAP in as many places as you can. Optimize your media content so that your pages load faster, and employ the full roster of SEO techniques you would normally use to boost your website.

In conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our local SEO guide for moving companies and that you managed to get some valuable tips. Most people will hire a local moving company when they need to relocate, even if it is across state lines. By focusing on the local area you will be able to get more customers from your immediate vicinity, which is important for any moving company. Do some optimization and start generating leads from local customers today!