Writing a book is a very complex and long process. If you just finished your book, we congratulate you. Now it’s time for different technical tasks before you publish your work. Today it has become much easier to self-publish than it was before, so it is likely that you will not have any problems relating to publishing. Freelancing is popular in every profession, so writers are no different.

But what you have to do when you finish your work is editing. We know that the very thought of it terrifies you, but it is a step that must not be skipped. You can also do a self-edit or ask someone close to you to read and give you their opinion, but trust us that it is not nearly as effective as when done by a professional. So we will give you tips on how to choose affordable book editing services, but also reliable.

1. Familiarize yourself with the editing process


What is the best way to prevent someone from charging you too much? To know how everything works, because then you will know what the real price is. Every editor can use different expressions, so it’s not so much important to know that, but to know the essence of what needs to be done. And there are different types of editing. Read more at about the different types of editing there are. It’s up to you which one you want and which one you need.

There is a basic that includes only proofreading and serves to detect typos, too much repetition of certain words and the like, mostly technical things. But there is also a much more complex process that involves modifying significant parts of the book in cooperation with you. It is of course much more expensive and takes longer. This is where the structure of the book can be changed. Attention is also paid to grammar, punctuation and everything else to get the perfect final product.

2. Do detailed research


If you just type in Google and contact the first few you found in the search, it is very likely that you will pay more than you have to. Because that way you will find only the most famous, which are certainly great if you have money. But if you want to save, then they are not the right choice for you, and they also have a very long waiting period. You may have to wait 6 months for your book to be edited.

So you have to do more detailed research to find a faster and cheaper option because book editor cost varies greatly. You can do this in several ways. Take a look at a few Google search pages, not just the first one. Then join groups on Facebook, where you can get a recommendation from fellow writers and visit the appropriate forums. Also ask everyone you know, and they could recommend someone to you. That way you will surely find someone with an affordable price.

3. Try newcomers


It is certain that you will get the most affordable price from newcomers. They have just started doing this job and are trying to break through, so it is possible that they will even offer you a slightly lower price than the realistic one is. The competition is fierce and they have to reach customers somehow, and a reduced price is certainly among the best ways to achieve this.

We assume you are worried about whether they will do a good job because you are among their first clients. It shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t trust them, send them a few pages to do the editing. It will be a test for them, so you will know immediately if you are satisfied and if you will entrust your book to them. If you see that the editor has done a great job, there is no reason to pay anyone else more, even though he is a newbie.

4. Think about which payment option suits you best


Different editors charge in different ways, and some of them offer you more options to decide for yourself. You need to think about which payment option suits you best for your book, because that way you will get the most affordable price. And what are the most common ways they charge? The first is by the number of words. Usually the price varies according to the number of words. So, one price per word is if there are 50 thousand of them, and the other is if it is over 100 thousand.

Then someone charges an hourly rate. This is not a very popular option, because you do not know what the price will be in the end. It can only be good if you are in a small town, so the hourly rate is significantly lower compared to large markets. By page number is just as popular as per word. Don’t try to fool them by reducing the font or increasing the margins. They know all about it, so there is usually a limit to the number of words per page. Lastly, a very rare option is the percentage of future sales, which is risky for both you and the editor, so you better avoid it.

5. Choose the one that specializes in your genre


People often overlook this, and it is very beneficial that the editor specializes in your genre. If your genre is his niche, you will get an incomparably better final product than if you write history books, and he specializes in science fiction. He won’t have as much advice for you, nor does he have experience with that genre to edit it as well as possible. Of course, they all know how to deal with every genre, but this way you will be much more pleased with what you get. And it is very possible that they will charge less for a genre that is familiar to them, than something for which they have to invest much more time because they are not familiar with it.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Avoiding common pitfalls when choosing a book editor or publisher is essential to ensure the success of your project. This includes working with someone who specializes in your genre, not compromising the integrity of your work for marketability, and conducting thorough research and evaluation before collaborating. Failure to do so can result in wasted time and resources.

Choosing a book editor or publisher who specializes in your genre is particularly important when it comes to memoirs. For instance, working with memoir ghostwriters who have experience in the genre can help you craft a compelling narrative that resonates with readers. However, it’s also important to ensure that the editor or publisher you choose understands your voice and vision for the project.


When you have already put so much effort into writing a book, don’t forget to finish everything in the best possible way. And then all you have to do is enjoy the popularity of your book.