Home renovation and remodeling means that sometimes you will need to bring a lot of new things inside, replace the used ones, and to give a personal touch to the whole project at the end. During the lockdown, many people decided to try some DIY projects and discovered that they have a lot of talents, that was hidden all this time. Sadly, they found out about that because of the coronavirus crisis, that made a lot of people stay at home, work less, earn less, or even losing their jobs because it also caused a global economic crisis.

During those hard times, a lot of families decided that it’s time to change something in their houses, improve the looks, and add a personal touch to the home decor solutions. Also, if you are planning to do that soon, you may need some examples, so you can find some inspiration, no matter if you are living in a house or apartment. You can also check this guide on home improvement from

These are a few ideas on how to do that:

1. Rugs instead of carpet


Buying a nice carpet seems like a good idea, but almost every home you’ve ever visited has it. So, why not put a few smaller rugs that cover smaller areas of the floor, but at the same time look very comfortable, nice, and inspiring? You can choose between the wide range of colors, textiles, shapes, and textures until you find the one that works the best for the room.

2. Painting only one or two walls

If you paint all the walls in the same color, it may “close” space and make it look smaller. So, one trick that most interior designers use is to paint only one or two walls in the room in some vibrant color, and leave the rest white. You can match these colors with the rugs or the furniture, or it can be completely opposite from them. It’s your choice.

3. Wallpapers instead of painting

Wallpapers were popular in the 60s and 70s and almost every apartment had at least one wall covered with some beautiful design. So, why don’t you get retro and check to find a great inspiration about adding a nice personal touch to your living space? You may think wallpapers are so last season, but can you imagine something easier than covering the whole wall with a piece of paper that looks artistic at the same time? Go for it, you won’t make a mistake.

4. Improving your terrace

When you live in an apartment, you may miss the comfort the yard offers to those who live in the house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice balcony and enjoy spending time outside. Yes, it’s quite different, especially if the terrace is small, but you can always add some flowers, plants, and practical furniture, and create your cozy place where you can read your favorite book, or just listen to podcasts, or your favorite music albums.

5. Non-matching furniture

You can be stylish without having to buy matching chairs, couches, and club tables. You can choose one model of bed or couch, and then take different chairs that are sold separately. You can even play with the styles and colors, to accomplish a nice looking living room.

6. Pay attention to your bath

Choose the tiles carefully. Avoid color solutions and add some personal finish by using different colors and patterns. You may think that the bathroom is not that important part of your home, but the truth is you are spending a lot of time there, and you don’t want to look at ugly tiles and bath furniture. You can get creative a lot, and the bathroom can be a real inspiration for you.

7. Don’t forget about the kitchen

You can mix a lot of styles there, just like you mix the ingredients when you prepare the food. You can order a custom kitchen, combine the tiles differently than expected, get an unusual dining table with chairs, and make it look attractive, and of course recognizable, so everyone will know it’s your kitchen and you are the one who is using it.

8. Show your books

Your home library is something you need to be proud of. You can order custom shelves and arrange the books by color, name, genre, or just put them there randomly. The taste of books tells a lot about you as a person, and your literature preferences can take an important part of your home decor solutions, even though their purpose is different than that.

9. Bedroom just for yourself

Your bedroom is a safe place. You will spend a lot of time sleeping there, or just resting after the workday. Many people think the bedroom should be simple, but you are risking to make it look sterile, so don’t be afraid to put some personal details there, like a coat hanger, custom pillows, silky sheets, a vase of flowers (if you are not allergic) or some houseplant to make your personal space look more comfortable.

10. Outdoors is also important

As soon as we are done with the recommendations about the indoors, we can pay a little attention to the outdoors. If you are creative enough, and you love gardening, you can always plant some flowers, put decorative rocks, and put yard statues, to make it look attractive from the outside. At the same time, try to paint the house in a nice color, fix the roof, install an interesting doorbell, put some lights, and so on.

There are so many ways how you can add some personal touch to your home, no matter where you live. Both the houses and apartments can be inspiring for those who live there. Your goal is to make your place the most comfortable in the world, knowing that you spend most of your time there. Home décor is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to invest a whole piece of wealth in it. You can do it on a budget and still be satisfied with the result.