Everyone who decides to in some way, shape, or form associate his or her future career with programming has to be able to answer an important question: “What programming language should I choose?” There are a lot of possible variants to answer this, as their total number ranges from 400 to 600 depending on who you ask. No wonder this is not an easy task to do and make the right choice for yourself. You have to consider several aspects before you even think about choosing a language, such as, for example, the field of application, the existing demand and industry trends, vendors, and the platform. It is also important to consider what other languages you are going to work or interact with and learn them as a backup or as an auxiliary to your main one.

Programming is a rather complicated process and everyone knows this. It takes years to learn and practice a single language, which is why choosing and focusing on the right one from the start is so important. The wrong choice may create dozens of additional problems for you, and you can even realize that you do not like it that much. That is why it is of prime importance to pick up a proper programming language from the get-go and make it easy on yourself. According to many experts and professionals from the field of programming, Java is a win-win solution and an obvious choice for most because it is able to meet the needs and expectations of any user. This language is easy and user-friendly. What is more, it is always possible to ask for Java help online from this site whose experts do Java homework assignments for students in need.

There are several reasons why Java is an awesome variant to become the first programming language you learn. In the next part of the article, you will learn exactly why.

1. It is very simple to understand and learn

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There are no overly complicated rules or intricate exceptions you should cope with when learning this programming language. Moreover, neither beginners nor experienced programmers hardly face difficulties when writing, debugging, or compiling it. It lacks the heavy learning curve of many of its cousins which is exactly what makes it so appealing to many.

2. It is oriented towards the object

It is a programming concept that implies the use of modules that do not need to be altered when designing a new object, further increasing the ease of use.

3. It is independent when platforms are concerned

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This is a very significant factor for any app, program language, or other software. It defines the convenience of the use of this neat programming language as you need no additional software to work with Java. This programming language can be easily moved from one computer system to another and it is supported by all of them.

Yet, sometimes it is necessary to install Java on some operating systems to experience all its advantages. For instance, if you are an Ubuntu user, it is necessary to install one or several Java packages. Otherwise, some of your tools and applications will not function properly, or at all.

Choosing the Right Java Package

Before you start brainstorming how to make Java work on your device, you should decide which package you actually need for your respective circumstances. There are three available alternatives to choose from each offering something different. The first one is JRE, which stands for Java Runtime Environment. It runs on top of the operating system software of a given computer. This component is a must for the execution of proper software programs. The second alternative is the Open JDK. This code is the base for other various distributions of Java. In addition, it includes the full Java Runtime Environment set of features, making it the better version of the previous package. The third and final type is called Oracle JDK. It has everything Open JDK has while also featuring other components as a collection of useful programming tools that form an easy to use library.

No matter what edition of Java you select, you will have made a good choice and your programming can start the right way. All three of them have their positives. They are all there in order to make the process of creating and using Java applications faster and easier for any given user.

Tips for Installing Java

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Now that you know all of the basics, it is time to install the Java version you chose. The only thing left to do now is install it onto your Ubuntu device. It is not at all difficult to achieve this. First, you have to download the packages from reliable sources. It is even possible to find free versions online if you look hard and long enough and in the right places. After you do this, the next step to take is to check whether you are going to install the latest version of the preferred package. Otherwise, some options may be limited and you will be constantly hit with the “update” popup messages.

It is up to you to define the needed repository. All the commands should look like “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java”. If you do not know how to write them, you can find detailed instructions on the web or ask specialists for help. If you have some knowledgeable programmers in your life, maybe among your close friends or extended family, ask them for some advice and guidelines.

After the process of installation is finished, it is up to you to check whether it is successful or not. If the system cannot find Java on your device, it is necessary to repeat all the steps. If everything seems fine, you can open it and start practicing on a project.

It is recommended to install the latest version in order to savor all the options and advantages of programming immediately. We tell you this because sometimes it happens that the user needs a definite version or part of the Java package. A selective installation is also possible where you can choose what you want to install and what you wish to skip. We highly advise you to install everything just in case, because otherwise, you may face some difficulties or unexpected problems while you work. If you are not sure that you can cope with them by yourself, you can look for help online from some of the best people in the field.

Professional Assistance as a Perfect Way Out

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If you are a beginner in programming who is just getting started, all those commands and steps may seem like a very difficult foreign language you have never even heard. This should not frighten you because it is normal, as it is hard to deal with new stuff no matter what it is, at least until you learn the ropes and get the hang of the basics. The specialists of AssignmentCore are ready to help you with your Java assignments online. This platform offers competent and versatile services for those people who have difficulties with exact sciences and programming. There are several reasons why it is a very good idea to use the platform, three to be more precise.

1. It is very convenient.

You do not need to waste your time trying to figure out how to choose and then how to install this or that Java package. The experts of the service provide you with clear and concise step-by-step instructions so that you cannot make a mistake along the way even if you wanted to. You should only follow their recommendations and not try to take shortcuts.

2. It is fast.

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Even if you decide to do everything by yourself, you have to be ready to spend hours trying to find reliable sources to download the necessary installation files from. The same is true about the many Java commands you need. Sometimes it can truly become exhausting and seemingly impossible to find up-to-date variants of the things you desperately need.

3. You are always satisfied with the final results.

If it is the first time that you are trying to install Java on your Ubuntu device, you may be too overwhelmed and worried, which tends to make people fail more easily. Nobody likes making mistakes, let alone messing up something they need for their career and starting things on a bad foot. When working with professional programmers, you are always sure that the final result is as perfect as it can be. They have lots of experience so you should not be worried about the service making a mistake.