Do you love camping? If so, you might want to have a good experience every time. But it is only possible if you take care of several things. There are some camping essentials that you need to take with you. Otherwise, you might have to face many problems and issues. One of the most significant camping essentials is the portable shattaf. In this article, we will discuss why you should consider buying it.

Your toilet habits should be good enough to maintain a high level of personal hygiene. It becomes even more crucial when you are camping. There won’t be enough facilities available on the campsite. That is why you need to prepare for everything before planning to go there. A portable shattaf is an essential thing that you can carry and reduce the stress of cleaning after pooping or peeing.

Travel bidets are getting popular because they provide many benefits to people while camping. The best part about using them is that they are convenient to use. You don’t need to be an expert to operate it.

A portable shattaf is better than toilet paper because it cleans the genital areas precisely with water. You can prevent various bacterial infections that people commonly face during traveling when they don’t get access to clean public toilets. Let’s learn why it is essential to carry for camping trips.

What Are The Reasons To Add A Portable Shattaf To Your Camping Essentials?


A travel bidet is the best for traveling as it helps maintain personal hygiene. Here are some reasons to understand its importance during camping trips.

  • Better cleaning of the genial areas: The genital areas of your body are pretty sensitive. A few bacteria can cause irritation and other infections that might harm your health. So, what can you do to prevent them? You must always consider using water for washing them. Even though wiping from toilet paper seems convenient, it is ineffective. You won’t get complete protection from these problems unless you use water.

A travel bidet sprays the water on the right areas through which you can clean your genital areas with precision. There will be a reduction in bacterial infections once you start considering it.

Maintaining a certain level of personal hygiene becomes important during camping. If you want to enjoy your trip without problems, you should always take as many precautions as possible. Therefore, buying a travel bidet is beneficial in keeping your body healthy and safe.

  • Avoid polluting the environment: Nature places are beautiful, but you must take measures to keep them beautiful. Some people show irresponsible behavior by not keeping their environment clean. Well, you should never follow the same because, ultimately, it will affect you. It is the responsibility of every citizen to keep the places clean, even if it is not near your house.

Toilet paper is a significant contributor to land pollution. If you use them on your camping trip, you might collect a lot of garbage. A much better alternative to this is sticking with a portable shattaf. It might not only help you clean the genital area perfectly but also keep the environment clean.


Most campsites do not have access to water bodies. So you won’t have much water to use. Therefore, a portable shattaf is a must be essential to carry. It only needs a small amount of water, and you can clean yourself after pooping or peeing with the stored water.

  • Lightweight to carry around: A blissful camping trip is possible when you carry lightweight things. Some people have a misconception that portable bidets are heavy. However, in reality, they are lightweight.

You can participate in various adventure activities like hiking without worrying about heavy baggage. Even though there might be some options regarding a heavy bag, you should always carry lightweight items.

  • Ease of use: A portable shattaf is also known for providing ease of use. The product is designed so that even beginners can use it without problems. If you also want to experience an easy cleansing, you must buy it.

Every travel bidet has different features. It won’t take much time to understand them. So, make sure to read the features before picking any option.

  • Use it for different purposes: You can also use travel bidets for cleaning other parts of the body. During camping, you won’t know whether you will get access to enough water or not. A little water will be enough if you consider using a portable
    shattaf. Then you don’t have to worry about having less water.
  • Conserve water: Water consumption becomes crucial during camping trips. There might not be enough water bodies near your campsite. In this situation, a travel bidet can help you conserve some water as well. You can save it for the future to avoid complications during your journey.

As an adventure enthusiast, you must be careful about your methods for different things. The more you learn, the better it will be for your overall trip. In short, you can make a memorable trip by learning new and unique ways to do different things.

  • Available at reasonable prices: You can find many options regarding travel bidets. However, all of them are available at reasonable prices. If you think they are costly, you are wrong. Still, you must research to find the best option under your budget.

There is a wide range of platforms and online stores where you can get various travel shattaf. But always pick an option after considering your needs and preferences. You might even get confused looking at different options. The best way to eliminate it is by reading customer reviews to identify an excellent option. Also, you have to select a reliable seller for buying these items.

The Bottom Line


A portable shattaf is a significant camping essential. But you won’t realize its importance unless you use it. You will get a smooth and blissful camping experience after carrying it because it is helpful. Now, you can find the best portable shattaf for your camping trip.