D9 THCP Distillate has been reported to be having less strength than HHCP distillate. Because each person’s endocannabinoid system is unique, predicting potency based on previous experience is difficult. So, we emphasize gathering information and feedback from the general public.

The phytocannabinoid Hexahydrocannabinol, often known as HHCP, has recently increased. Roger Adams, an American chemist, produced HHC in 1947 by utilizing Delta 9 THC extracted from the cannabis plant. In a procedure known as hydrogenation, he could also incorporate hydrogen molecules into Delta 9 THC. There is a lot of interest in hydrogenating other cannabinoids because of the success of HHC.

HHCP Distillate was recently synthesized by hydrogenating the potent cannabinoid D9 THCP Distillate. One of the newer cannabinoids identified in 2019 is D9 THCP Distillate, which has seven carbons on its side chain at a molecular level, and CBDP. An Italian team of researchers discovered both of these phytocannabinoids while probing the properties of the medical cannabis strain FM2.

Scientists wanted to see how D9 THCP distillates compared to Delta 9 THC in terms of strength, so they conducted mouse research. D9 THCP Distillate was shown to be 33 times more potent than Delta 9 THC when it came to interacting with CB1 receptors. In the same manner that D9 THCP Distillate is comparable to Delta 8 D9 THCP Distillate, HHCP Distillate is similar to HHC.

For what do they use?

CBD isolate from hemp flower yields HHCP, a cannabinoid derived from CBD. The distillation process is done in a laboratory by professionals, ensuring that the product is safe. The hydrogenated version of D9 THCP Distillate is HHCP or hydrogenated THC. HHCP, like other psychoactive cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC, THCO, and Delta 10 THC, acts on your body’s CB1 receptors.

Are they Legal?

All hemp-derived HHCP Distillate is now legal in the US. All cannabinoids, isomers, and acid salts of cannabinoids that are not more than 0.3 percent delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol are defined as hemp in this legislation. It is good to double-check with your state’s standards before making a purchase. Hemp-derived HHC is legal, and ours is too, with a Delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3 percent.

Delta 9 THC and D9 THCP Distillate are thought to be weaker than HHCP. Each individual’s endocannabinoid system is unique, so it’s impossible to tell how strong a person is based on their experience.

Which is more effective?


You can only determine a cannabinoid’s potency if the cannabinoid’s effects are felt by someone who has taken the drug. Customers have told us that HHCP Distillate is stronger than Delta 9 and more potent than D9 THCP Distillate by one to two. HHCP Distillate is more bioavailable than Delta 9 THC; thus, if you consumed the distillate as an edible, HHCP Distillate would be more readily available to your body than Delta 9 THC, which is why it’s important to note this. HHCP Distillate would be the winner in a potency test based on edibles. If the distillate is vaporized, HHCP Distillate remains stronger than Delta 9 THC.

What they do for you

Unlike other psychoactive cannabinoids, HHCP Distillate possesses seven carbon atoms in its side chain, making it significantly more psychotropic. HHCP’s potency is thought to be superior to that of Delta 9 THC and D9 THCP Distillate, according to current studies. Customers have also reported that HHCP Distillate is 1 to 2 times as strong as HHC. Because everyone’s endocannabinoid systems are unique, this cannabinoid may have different effects on you than on others, so we recommend you use it safely.

You should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of HHCP, as it is more psychotropic than other cannabinoids. Some of the effects of HHCP Distillate are comparable to those of D9 THCP Distillate, although they are more potent. Intoxication, increased anxiety, a rise in hunger, and tiredness are all possible side effects.

Which is more psychoactive?

Because HHCP Distillate is the hydrogenated form of D9 THCP Distillate, it can produce a potent high. Keep in mind that any THC or cannabinoid with four carbon atoms or more in its side chain can produce psychoactive effects, in other words, making you feel euphoric. HHCP Distillate is one of the most potent psychoactive cannabinoids on the market because of its side chain, which has seven carbons. Anecdotal data suggests that HHCP Distillate is 100 to 200 times as strong as Delta 9 THC. It is the consensus.



To measure the potency of HHCP, you need to consume some cannabis yourself and see the symptoms, which make determining potency difficult. Compared to Delta 9 and D9 THCP Distillate, HHCP Distillate is up to two times as strong. It’s worth noting that Delta 9 THC is expected to be less bioavailable than HHCP.

The HHCP Distillate would be more prevalent in your system than the Delta 9 THC if you used the distillate with fat. As a result, HHCP Distillate would be the clear winner in an edible strength test. After vaporizing the distillate, HHCP Distillate is regarded as more potent than Delta 9 THC.

Are they Natural or a Drug?

Unlike Delta 9 THC and 8 THC, HHCP Distillate is synthesized synthetically. It is possible to synthesize this cannabinoid in the laboratory. Hemp plants’ CBD isolates are used in the production process. A chemist-led technique is used to create HHCP Distillate from the CBD isolate that has been obtained.

HHCP Distillate is the hydrogenated version of D9 THCP Distillate. Like HHC, this is a hydrogenated version of THC. HHC differs from this compound because it has two additional carbons in the alkane chain. In both 9R and 9S confirmations, the methyl group connected to the 9th carbon will cause it to appear.

D9 THCP Distillate’s cannabinoid receptors are more responsive to alkane chain length increases. HHCP Distillate should be the same way based on this. Early user feedback indicates that it is more potent than HHC and D9 THCP Distillate. Pure HHCP Distillate is yellowish oil with a viscous consistency. Click here for more information on HHCP distillate!