Polarized lenses are a must for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Suppose your work is mainly to do with outdoor duties, performing high-glare activities around snow or water. In that case, having polarized sunglasses is a must as it helps reduce glare, keeps your eye protected, and gives more clarity.
Just like you need to put on sunscreen before going out to protect your skin, you need to wear polarized lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Ultra Violet (UV) rays coming from sunlight are highly harmful and cause damage to our skin and eyes. Proper protection from these damaging rays is always necessary. You have so many options for sunglasses in different ranges; it becomes quite difficult to select one from them. But buying sunglasses must not be the ultimate goal; the main part is the lenses; you need to know the lens that your eyes need. Among all the various types of lenses, polarized lenses come first in protecting your eyes. Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes 100% from harmful UV rays and are also best for performing outdoor sporting activities.

How Does Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized lenses block some lights from passing through it. This happens due to a special type of chemical which is applied to the lenses to filter the light. The filter in the sunglasses creates a vertical opening for the passing light. The horizontal lights are not allowed to pass in and are bounced back. This is why we see images a little darker wearing polarized sunglasses, but the details of the object are clearer and crispier. Wearing polarized sunglasses working hours out in the sun makes your eyes less tired from battling with the sun glare.

Polarized glasses were at first famous amongst the fisherman as it was not only protecting their eyes and making it easier for them to look into details of the object but also because it drastically cuts out the horizontal ray and makes them look into the water.

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Sunglasses have polarized lenses and have many benefits for your eyes. A few of the advantages of wearing polarized sunglasses are:

1. It makes your eyes sight comfortable and reduces strain:


When the sunlight is bright, your eyes get tired from battling with sun glare. It reduces the glare permanently, making it easier for you to work more hours on bright sunny days without making your eyes tired, and also, it makes the images more clear, making it less stressful for your eyes even on a bright day.

2. Increase clarity of your vision:

On the off chance that you need to see ground-level objects and submerged bodies, polarized sunglasses improve your vision and enhance the color contrast, making it the best option amongst all the sunglasses.

3. Protects from harmful UV rays:

UV rays can cause many problems to your vision, especially when you are exposed to sunlight for a long duration almost every day. The radiation of sunlight can cause severe injuries to your vision and can reduce your vision, as seen in many cases. When you choose polarized sunglasses, you reduce the risk caused by these rays.

4. Polarized lenses make it easier to see beneath the surface of the water:


Be it a swimmer. Any other water sports person or a fisherman all prefer polarized sunglasses. You can stay away from the light reflections that happen, permitting you to perceive what may be swimming underneath you. This benefit can help the off chance that you are swimming along a seashore or lake and wish to stay away from potential hindrances in the water.

5. Polarized sunglasses are best in all weathers, especially winter:

If you are going on a vacation in a place that is filled with snow, or it’s winter season and love going on snowboarding and skiing, you must consider wearing polarized sunglasses as in winters 80% of the sunlight gets reflected from the snow to your eyes, causing more harm to your eyes.

6. Made for all:

These are made for all and are helpful for all, from children to adults to older people. Everyone must own polarized sunglasses. The only case of not wearing it is if your doctor recommends you otherwise.

7. Polarized sunglasses are available in various colors:


If you invest more in your sunglasses, you can have specific benefits according to your needs. Cheaper-cost products provide a generalized filter that works in most light conditions, but investing more in your sunglasses will let you get specific benefits. Such as polarized rose sunglasses help you sharpen your vision and reduce contrast reducing migraine triggering. Yellow lens is best for people with issues like headache, fatigue as it reduces the strain. A Brown lens is best for sunny and slightly cloudy conditions.

Cons of Polarized Sunglasses

1. Difficulty in watching LCD screens:

The reduction of horizontal light due to chemicals in the polarized lens makes it difficult to see the LCD screen.

2. Durability Issue:


Rather than applying the chemical interaction to the plastic lens, less expensive sunglasses and goggles regularly apply a film over a basic cheap lens to make the polarization impact. After few uses, people with these sunglasses experience problems such as peeling off, bubbling, and flaking, which reduces the polarised lens’s effect.

3. It is ineffective under few circumstances:

The vision is affected by your position.


Polarized lenses are different from UV-protected lenses; check details about your sunglasses before buying if it says UV protection coating. It may peel off over time in extreme conditions.

Polarized sunglasses are a must for people who spend most of the time outside in sunlight exposure. The pros and cons depend on person to person and their preference and working conditions. Investing in your eyes is extremely important. Remember, you should never compromise with your vision.