Website redesign for your small business is an essential part of any successful network marketing strategy. Small retailers, services, distributors, and manufacturing companies especially benefit from updated websites, as this increases visibility in the niche, online searches and attracts organic and pedestrian traffic.

As a small company, you need to take every opportunity to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand online, so that you can better compete with larger companies and your direct industrial competitors. An up-to-date, and modern small business website is what search engines now expect when they decide to work with a particular small business or not. To stay competitive, you must meet the technical requirements and standards of the modern Internet.

Why Redesign Your Small Business Website?

Nowadays, the first impression and opinion of clients about the company and its business often depends on how good their website looks and works. In order to continue to improve and grow, companies must strive to raise their standards endlessly, the same thing applies to their websites.

Companies need to consistently analyze the performance of their websites to see how well they are doing. The lack of a website that has a good performance can lead to lower profits and a lack of growth.

Once you look at the redesign list of this website and realize that it is time to update your website, you should hire a professional to help you. Inkyy Studio is here for you. They will customize the design to suit your personal style and professional needs, choosing one of the best sets of unparalleled website templates.

Basic Changes


If you haven’t yet sold to work with a particular web development company, or if you also want to start a conversation with them about redesigning small business websites, here are a few areas you should come across:

Layout Style


A simple website layout will help increase the credibility and authority of your brand, increase organic traffic to your website, and connect with visitors to your website.If too much is happening on your homepage, landing pages, or other websites, expect the rejection rate to be quite high. You need a simple style of appearance that is aesthetically pleasing and allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Place your most important information above the fold
  • Stick to the same, limited color scheme for all your marketing materials (this includes ads, web pages, videos, etc.)
  • Use a simple font. Your text should be simple and legible for all (don’t let the font style take away attention from what you’ve actually written)

Media Optimization


The type of media size and format on your website plays a big role in the page load time. Yes, fantastic graphics and images look great and catch the eye of your viewer, but they will never see them if they are not loaded! Make sure your images and videos are large, they don’t need to take up an entire page, your content should do.

In addition, make sure the images you upload are JPEG, not PNG. JPEGs will load faster and still have quality images for your site. Using media marketing and incorporating it into your website is a great resource that you can provide to your web visitors, just be smart. Balancing media with useful content is a sweet spot you want to achieve to achieve optimal success on your website.

The Navigation Bar


For starters, you should only have four to six main tabs on the navigation bar. You can have other main pages nested below and organized into those main tabs, but your main navigation bar should be as simple as possible. Not only will simple navigation make your website look cleaner, but web visitors will also be able to find the pages they are looking for faster and easier! This simple change can reduce the visit rate of just one page and increase the page time metrics in Google Analytics.

Website Redesign Checklist

If you think your website is out of date and not working properly, check out this quick website redesign list to see if it’s time for a much-needed lift:

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples


Case studies, portfolios, a list of previous clients are all important elements if you want to find a new company to work with. Every company must prove that it has many years of experience and that it has many projects under its framework. No one wants to work with a company that has no work history or experience, if your current website is missing these elements, be sure to include them in your new website.



Testimonials can have a huge impact on attracting visitors to new customers. Statements from previous clients can be used to build trust and also show the quality of your services and commitment. Make sure new visitors can see all the great reviews you’ve received from previous customers.

Site Personality


You need to make sure that your website reflects your brand, as it will help your small business. It must be in line with your company’s message and other marketing materials. It’s a good idea to use pre-designed themes or templates to reduce production time and costs, but you also need to tailor them to your company’s individual needs.

People who come to your site must immediately recognize it and understand what your company is doing. Web designers working on your website must ensure that your website not only looks great but also meets all the goals you set before redesigning it.

Site Performance


If your small business website doesn’t work the way you want it to, and you don’t get the results you want, there’s a chance your site is poorly coded. Popular search engines often penalize websites that do not adhere to the latest coding standards and because their website is not properly coded. Not only will you harm your browser rankings, but your designs may not display properly in various web browsers.