The language of symbols is something that follows the human race from the very beginnings. We can see that this language is still very much around us, you just need to look around you when you are on the street and it will be completely clear that some gestures and symbols will speak much more than words in most of the cases. Most of the time, these symbols are heavily related to the culture they appear in.

At the same time, we can see that some of the symbols are universal and are understood pretty much everywhere in the world. For example, when we talk about flowers, we can see that they are a strong resemblance to different behaviors and emotions. Giving a person to your loved one can describe your love for the person, without any words accompanying the gesture. The message will be understood well.

Furthermore, we can see that flowers can say a lot more things than just love. They are often at graveyards, as some sort of saying goodbye to the person who’s passed away. If you are interested in why this is done, you canĀ check here, and learn about all the particularities you are interested in. It is important to understand the symbolics before you decide to make some gesture.

Maybe you didn’t know but a particular floret can resemble a complete meaning in different cultures. At the same time, some flowers don’t have any kind of symbolics in some but are considered essential to other ones. With all of this information in front of us, we cannot do anything but ask ourselves why some of these are universally important and why some other ones are not so important in all the cultures. Naturally, this has to do with the region people live in.

Is Color Important?


We can see that a lot of flowers are important for certain cultures, mainly for their color. In the Middle East, bright colors and white flowers represent a gift for engagement or marriage. Plus, they are pretty common among ceremonies where the birth of a child is celebrated. In some European countries, mainly in Germany, white flowers are used for funerals. At the same time, red means the expression of love.

However, many people avoid giving this type of florae on the first date since it is considered to be significant. In Italy, yellow is a color of deception and betrayal. However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t use it for success, glory, or luxury. We can see that many cultures consider certain colors to be highly important in terms of the purpose the flowers are given. Different colors resemble different emotions.



In the Middle East, it’s not considered appropriate to bring flowers to funerals. This is simply not in the regional culture. However, we can see that some cultures have a habit of bringing specific species to funerals. For example, in Vietnam, you can see that Tuberose is a floret often associated with funerals. In Brazil and South Korea, the white Chrysanthemum is the most common flower on graveyards.

In the southern part of Europe, mainly Greece, we can see that Carnations are the most common ones. However, this is not the only use of Greek people to use this species. This is flower considered to be one of the main symbols for their traditional music called bouzouki. Even though they are associated with music, you shouldn’t buy these flowers from any Greek person since it’s not considered appropriate. So, you should be careful about the gift.



It goes without saying that giving flowers to a female is considered as an expression of love and affection to the person in question. Maybe you will be surprised to learn that, in Brazil, males don’t give any kind of flowers to their women. In this country, flowers are often used as a gift, women give to each other for some reason. Pretty much in every other part of the world, we can presume that every woman would like to receive flowers, due to the attention that comes with them.

The Importance of Roses


We can see that when someone mentions florae, the highest majority of people from all over the world think about roses. They are considered to be the most beautiful ones. At the same time, we can see that they are often used as some kind of symbols. In all the movies, from different countries and cultures, we can see that giving a rose to a person means that this is a symbol of unconditional love. This is the reason the bouquets are often considered as a sight of attention more than love.

In Asian countries, giving a one rose to a female means that you are in love with that person. In some South American countries, giving one doesn’t mean anything, but when you give a 12-rose bouquet, you can express love to that person. In South Korea, people receive 20 roses for 20th birthday, and there is absolutely no other symbolics around it.

Even and Odd Numbers


The number of florae you are giving to someone has a significance in some cultures. For example, we can see that in some of the East European countries, giving an odd number of flowers is considered appropriate. The even number is often considered appropriate to bring to the graveyard. So, it’s of the highest importance for they give to make sure that the number is not even, or you just might insult someone. Furthermore, we can see that giving only one flower is a sign of affection in pretty much all cultures in the world.

The Bottom Line

We can see that flowers are strongly integrated into pretty much every culture in the world. It was like that since the beginning of our civilization. We can see that some of them have been used as a sign of authority, while some were used only for religious purposes. So, it makes sense to check what’s the symbol behind a particular flower before you give it to someone. Plus, you should conduct a research about the meaning of it in different cultures. This is a thing that you don’t do just for fun since someone can be really offended by you giving a wrong gift. The sense of culture is pretty strong all over the world, you can be sure of that.