Selling a house is challenging? And listing a house is more complicated? But that’s not right to waste time by only thinking. You need to gather some knowledge about it. Google it!

Yes! Listing is not this hard—all you have to visit different listing websites.

Now you must be wondering how it works, don’t worry. First, you have to understand the listing process. After that, you have to choose the best platform to sell your house at the desired rates. As for the first time, it isn’t easy to trust any platform. We completely understand your emotions and attachment with houses to ensure proper terms and policy to access the site.

MLS listing is providing you their best services to sell your ease. You can easily approach trusted agents who provide you with the best flat-free services, such as

What are the multiple listing services?


MLS is the listing platform that provides you with an accurate database set up by a group of cooperating real estate brokers. You can sell and buy your house at the MLS portal.

Here the home sellers and buyers are one click away to set foot on their goals. One cannot get access to the MLS without a real estate license, so it also minimizes the chances of getting scammed.

Options for listing platforms

Now your main concern is to search for options of the best platform to sell your house. Many websites provide the services to sell your house, such as Zillow, houzeo, Trulia, Realtor.Com, Homes.Com, Keller Williams, REMAX, century21, Redfin.

Why Zillow?


If you want to sell your home, buy your home, or rent your homes, Zillow gives you all services as it’s the US’s most renowned home search tool here. You can find thousands of listings property here. You can find a potential buyer for your home in less time.

Why redfin?

Redfin agents are working on an incentive model that makes their agents work on less commission rate, or sometimes they charge a 1% commission rate for full listing services. Also, redfin claims that they close many listings as compared to other traditional agents.

How can I list my house?


You can list your house in many different ways, such as for sale by owner, flat-free retailer. You have to renovate your house to make the necessary changes, then add complete information about the house and add your contact number.

So, the buyer can reach you easily then to access the MLS website, hire an agent. At last, your property is added to the selected platform.

Flat Fee MLS is the most affordable method. It benefits both agents and homeowners. Agent’s commission rate is decided before the listing. After that, the listing is visible on the local site, which helps sell the house as quickly as possible.

Real estate agents/Real estate associates:

He is a professional that has passed a licensing exam in the state where he tends to work. This agent is free to work as the MLS listing for the seller or a dealer for the buyer.

Suppose he works as a buyer’s agent, so he would math his buyer’s Wishlist to all the properties available in the market while a seller’s agent markets the owner’s property by listing the property in the MLS service and negotiate with the customers.

Moreover, an agent must work under a licensed broker as a listing agent or a flat fee MLS listing agent.

The real estate agent’s responsibility is to carry offers and counteroffers among different parties, and once the agreement is done with the opposite party, the whole job is done by the agents.

The agents also make sure that their clients know the important dates, the importance of inspection of homes, and the closing prices to market their property in the best ways.

These agents are paid the commission. It means that if the sale is done at higher rates, their payment would be good and vice versa. They take 5 to 6% of the profit made by the sale.

Real estate brokers:


These are the kind of agents who get an education past the real estate agent’s level and are awarded the state’s real estate broker license.

They have the option to work independently or can hire a flat fee realtor to work for them. Agents that pass the exam of a broker but work under another broker are known as associate brokers.

And they have a part in the brokerage profits above the typical commission amount. Their job is similar to the real estate agents, which differ in working independently or hiring someone else under them to work. The commission is set in the contract that how much percent of the sale profit would they get.


Realtors are professionals; they are associated with the National Association of Realtors. They are experts in their fields and are supposed to abide by the code of ethics provided by the NAR. They are way more professional than the above real estate agents mentioned as the code of ethics is strictly followed by them if they want to remain part of NAR.

Due to this code of ethics, the realtors promise to be transparent and loyal and deal with all the transactions with full honesty. They are allowed to use the realtor trademark as part of their names.

The main difference between an agent and a broker is that the broker can work independently, while an agent has to work under a licensed broker.

As I have listed the different types of real estate professionals for you to hire, let me give you an insight as to why not go for FBSO (for sale by owner) to make your sale or buy successfully.

It is better to hire a realtor, agent, broker, or a flat fee realtor because:

Legal stuff:


The flat fee realtors or agents/brokers have a very vast knowledge and experience of handling the legal works that are to be done.

Moreover, there is a lot of legal paperwork that the experts can do best only, and this is where your flat fee realtor would help you at the lower rate.

They know everything:

You, as a layman, might not be aware of the defects of your house that not even seems to be a defect for you, but the realtor or agents know that what makes a good house to sell.

The agents would help you figure out the flaws of your property and help you repair them in the best ways to market it quickly at the best price.

They know the dates:


As they are professional experts in their marketing field, they are well aware of the best dates and months about which property will be sold best on which possible dates.

This knowledge helps them a lot to market a property well.

Bottom line:

To conclude it all, I need to tell you that either you take the help of MLS service or flat fee MLS agents/realtors you would have to invest a bit of your money if you want double it. The thing is, you can never get any valuable (service) thing until you invest anything valuable(money) in it.