Summertime. The season that calls for icy popsicles, beach time, outdoor activities, barbecues, vacations, you name it, you can do it. Summer is easily the most versatile of all seasons in which you can do most activities that you wouldn’t be able to do usually. You can do almost everything you do, usually in the other seasons.

Summer is the season that kids yearningly look forward to for months. The second their school bell rings to end the academic year, kids burst out in joy, knowing that they have a solid two months of fun without school. Parents make use of this season to take vacations with their families after hard toiling at work for months together.

All in all, summer is a very high vibed season where the sky’s the limit. The most fun activity measured in terms of people recorded to be doing is spending time at the beach. Sunscreens with a high SPF, sunglasses, a cold beverage in your hand while you’re sunbathing under the hot sun, is what most people do to relax on the beach. But wait, don’t we forget something? Swimsuits!

They’re probably the most important thing you need to the beach because swimsuits are the proper attire for the beach. They’re the perfect attire to comfortably swim in blue waters, sunbathe to get that much needed tan that you’ve been waiting to have, and most importantly, showing off that sexy summer body you’ve been working on.

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Types of swimsuits for Women


In order to understand the basis of how we determine what to do and what not to do while you try to mix and match swimsuits, it is vital to know the types of swimsuits that exist. Starting off, the first type of swimsuit in this category is :

One-piece swimsuits


The classical and traditional swimsuit for women popularised by historical female symbols. Personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sharmila Tagore, and various Playboy models have worn this swimsuit and pulled it off perfectly. It casts a perfect vintage look and is a symbol of rising female freedom at a time where it was frowned upon for women to be comfortable in their own skin.

Evident from its name, it comes all in one piece and is worn like a jumpsuit.

The Bikini


The bikini is the most popular and most widely used swimwear for women all around the world. It is a two piece swimwear that has a plethora of combinations to go with. Extremely versatile, it is designed for every body type that exists.

The Skirtini


Designed for a slightly more modest look, the skirtini is a two piece swimsuit perfect for pool parties and beaches alike. The first piece of the swimsuit is lingerie-based swimwear, whereas the lower half ( that is the second piece ) of the swimsuit is a short skirt.

This is designed for women looking to wear swimsuits on a slightly more subtle note. The skirt covers the upper thighs and rear. The perfect swimsuit that makes heads turn, all while being somewhat subtle in comparison to the bikini.

The Burkini


Swimwear that is ideal for orthodox women who practice the faith of Islam. This swimsuit was designed to help modest Muslim women to enjoy beach life just as any other woman would want to. The burkini covers the entirety of the head (apart from the face), body, arms, and legs. Those who want to protect themselves from the tan also find use with the burkini.

The Ruffle swimsuit


Perfect for women with small busts, this swimsuit gives off a cute and flirtatious vibe that is sure to catch the eyes of those around you. They add a more busty look, ideal for those who might be a little insecure about their bust size.

Bandeau Swimsuit


An ideal choice if you want to visit tropical places. The Bandeau swimsuit is perfect for tropical beaches such as Goa. Again, this is another two-piece swimsuit that is not meant for small to moderate sized busts. It goes well with large bust sizes and shows off your skin, making you feel incredibly comfortable and sexy as well.

Do’s and Don’ts while mixing and matching swimwear

Now since you’re aware of the various types of swimsuits that exist currently, some of the things you should follow and avoid while mixing your swimwear are :


Mixing of entire colors and patterns


Don’t be afraid to mix solid colors with patterned bottoms. Sometimes solids and patterns might be the perfect choice amongst all other mix and match preferences.

Mix patterns as well

It’s okay to mix patterned tops and bottoms as well, even if patterns aren’t uniform. As long as you mix and match the right color, it is completely fine to mix two different designs for your swimwear.

Comfort and ease


Always make sure to put comfort on top of appeal. Comfort should always be followed by appeal, as you can look your sexiest and classiest only when you’re comfortable in your suit. If you are not comfortable enough, you won’t be able to pull the suit off with confidence.


Don’t mix different shades of the same color


It is essential that you do not mix different shades of the same parent color. This shouldn’t be done because different shades of the same color on swimsuits give off odd results. In order to make the swimwear look sexy and elegant in its appearance, you can always match the swimsuit with the same color but never have varying shades of it.