If we take a look back in the history of the hospitality sector, we can see that it suffered a large number of disruptions due to many technological advancements we have experienced in the last couple of decades. As it is the case in pretty much every industry, we can see that hospitality has two categories of people, those who are welcoming to these advancements, and those who prefer to keep it old-school.

Slowly, but surely, we can say that the vast majority of them are in favor of using these. It shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the many new opportunities that they offer. One of these technologies that recently entered the stage is Cloud VoIP. This is a technology that offers a plethora of different opportunities when it comes to more effective communication between hosts and their guests.

Therefore, we can see that the Cloud VoIP service is rising very fast. Here, VoIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ which is generally used for describing voice communication on the network.  Modern phone systems come with VoIP support. Among the different industries that stand to gain a lot of advantage from VoIP, Hospitality is at the top.

To maintain a smooth and long-term relationship with the customers, many hotels now prefer to install the Hotel Phone System with Cloud-Based VoIP Service. However, there are still hotels that do not support the VoIP phone service due to a lack of infrastructure facilities.  There are a plethora of benefits that VoIP service can bring to the table over the traditional Landline service.

Why Does Your Hotel Need a Hotel Phone System with Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Service?


VoIP introduces a plethora of features and functionalities that can benefit the hotels in several ways. Below, we are going to highlight some of the most exciting features of this kind of service:

  • This Service comes with a virtual receptionist, which means, a customer does not need to wait for a long time on hold if the hotel employees are engaged in some other work. Customers will be connected to the representatives instantly who will help them with the booking and confirmation stuff. Customer interaction is important for any business and VoIP is helping the hotels to manage their customer interaction at third-party locations.
  • The VoIP System provides ease in making long-distance and international calls with cost-saving benefits. This could be a great boost to the bottom line of the hotel- especially if they have to deal with hard traveling professionals. At the same time, we can see that it improves the overall service in more ways than we could presume at first.
  • Services like online faxing can help the hotel in improving their productivity, it also empowers the collaboration. Using the IVR Menu, the hospitality department can create a helpful and relevant automated greeting for the customers to improve their hotel experience.
  • SMS Messaging, Automated Call Routing features are the major draw to employees working for hotels and guests they serve. Not only that this option makes services become much faster, but these will receive an essential element that will perform them in more quality.
  • Third-part tech support is one of the best things you will witness when it comes to VoIP. Sometimes, it can happen that phone lines are broken, and usually, the repairs take a couple of days before all is returned to the original state. That doesn’t mean that all the guests would need to wait for a couple of days before they can enjoy the exceptional service of a hotel, right? Yes, with the introduction of VoIP, we can see that an opportunity for third-party technical support has risen. Most of the time, these services are working 24/7.
  • Having a basic control over how the resources are spent is something that can provide an opportunity to prevent their loss. However, getting too tight control over your employees is not something that can be beneficial. By using this technology, you can have the opportunity to lay off your employees by monitoring all the calls that have been made over the shift. The owner will not need to maintain a rigid control, due to all the information that is just one click away. This opens a door for a lot of opportunities, you can be sure of that.
  • Last but not least, it should be said that this is a technology that can provide the necessary flexibility needed for every business. Investing money into many different phone lines can be pretty hefty, depending on the size of the business. Therefore, you will see witness the fact that this is a much cheaper option than actually buying all the devices and installing lines all over the system. You can do it without any kind of hardware.

Additional Features of Hotel Phone Systems


Some other features of the Hotel Phone System that serves best to the Guests are:

  • Wake-up Calls

The Front Desk can set the Wake-Up calls to the guest from PMS and it will be automatically updated by the Hotel Phone Systems. This serves as a substitute for a real wake up calls. It’s both more pleasant for the guest and doesn’t require too many effort on the behalf of a worker.

  • Room Status

The hotel personnel would be able to update the status of the room just by dialing the Room Extension code. For example; the room is ready, requires maintenance, cleaning, etc. This status will be updated in the Hotel PMA automatically and share the real-time view of the room’s current status with the hotel staff.

  • Do Not Disturb

Just like the Do Not Disturb sign at the main door, the guests can also request DND for the incoming calls which means the guest can have some private time without any sort of disturbance. Also, the staff will update the status of guests in PMS and then the PSM will send an update Hotel Phone System about the new status.

Last Words


The hospitality business completely relies upon the smooth and effective communication with the customers. Communication is a two-way street, it is not only about how the guests are receiving information or getting solutions to their queries, but it is also about how hotel staff members are responding to the customer’s queries, how well informed the details are.

There was a time when all the tasks were easy to manage over the simple voice calls. Technically, those days are now over! In this era of advancements, people want more comfort and flexibility. Now, every customer expects the 24 hours customer service and they just hate to wait to get a resolution to their query. With features like online faxing, advanced call routing, and virtual assistant, it is pretty clear that Home Phone System with Cloud VoIP Services is necessary for hotels to share a better customer experience with their clients. The VoIP service not only serves in cost-cutting but also improves the operational efficiency of their business.

So, if you haven’t planned to move to the Cloud Based VoIP Service yet, make a decision now and share a better experience with the customers. And, not to forget, increase the operational efficiency of your business.