When we travel, we have to pay attention to many things. This is especially the case when you travel very often because in that case traveling is integral part of our lives. But even if you are only traveling once or twice a year, all your “equipment” for travel should exactly match your needs.

Also, all this should be high quality, affordable and so on, in order to provide you best possible service during the trip. And the part of the equipment that stands out the most for its importance is the travel bag. Without a proper travel bag your trip can be full of problems as a result. The problems that can occur can be varied.

It can happen that you can’t pack everything you need, that the travel bag is too big and that it is difficult for you to carry it, to tear and so on. But you can avoid all that if you buy the right one. To know how to buy the right one, you need to know which mistakes you have to avoid when choosing a travel bag.

1. Not considering your needs


What most people do wrong when buying a travel bag is that they do not think well about what their needs are because that is the most important factor. A travel bag can be a classic bag, backpack, suitcase and whatever suits you to use. And there are many different types of travel. Someone is traveling in business class and that person only needs travel bag to carry things from the airport to the hotel and back to the home.

Then again, many people are adventurers who will spend their days in nature camping or hitchhiking and thus be on the road for days, and all they have will be in their travel bag. So it is clear to you that a businessman who travels for two days in a luxurious environment and someone who needs to carry things for a next month he or she will spend in nature cannot have the same needs. So don’t get carried away when buying. While you may really like the luxury leather travel bag, it’s not the right choice if you are a camper, for example.

If you don’t believe us, read more about what kind of maintenance leather requires and you will see you can’t perform properly such maintenance while traveling. Also, if you are a businessman, then a luxury leather travel bag is the right choice for you, not a huge top loading backpack because you don’t need that much space and it won’t fit with your outfit.

2. Wrong size


You may have chosen the right type of travel bag for your needs, but you need to consider the size as well. While it may seem tempting to buy one that is as big as possible, this is not the right way to choose a bag. An oversized bag is only useful for those who travel frequently and if those trips are not luxurious but include camping and similar.

In any other case, you should aim for a medium-sized bag. The medium-sized bag will be more than big enough to pack everything you need, and you won’t have any problems when it needs to fit in the bus, trunk or to check in at the airport.

Small bags are also a good choice for all those business travelers who have trips several times a month that are lasting just a day to two. They then need a small bag that is suitable to be a hand luggage so that you don’t have to wait for luggage at the airport, and only basic things like cosmetics fit it.

3. Durability


Whether you are a camper or a businessman, you should pay attention to whether it is durable. You can do this by looking at the reviews, but also if you check what materials it is made of. No matter if it made from polyester, leather or some other material, it is important that it is a high quality material that is processed so that it is very difficult to damage it and that it is durable.

For example, each bag will be exposed to harsh treatment at the airport, so if you make a mistake and buy one that is not durable, after the first trip only thing you can do is throw it away because it will be so damaged. If you are a camper, then it is very important to check if it is waterproof. Although it is a feature that is useful to everyone, not just to people how are going in the nature because it can always happen that you get wet, so it would be good to keep your things inside dry.

4. Failing to check features


It often happens that customers just take a look at the bag and decide to buy it because they have gained a good first impression. But that is a big mistake that you must avoid. Each bag has so many different features, that you need to take a closer look at each of them to see if that travel bag suits you or not.

From what kind of handle it has, all the way to the zipper and many other parts. Today, there are even bags that have smart features, and you certainly can’t tell if they are useful if you don’t spend a little more time inspecting the whole bag.

5. Wrong shape


Again, you need to think about how you use the bag. And then you choose a shape accordingly. If you mostly carry it on your back, then you should choose a different shape than if you carry it in your hand. This will of course depend on the size, but the shape plays an important role.


As you can see, if you make a decision when buying a travel bag without first thinking about all these important factors, it is very likely that you will make a mistake and buy one that does not suit you. Picking the right bag for a journey to a far-flung destination like Pakistan only takes some planning. Keep your passport, and eVisa to Pakistan (if you plan on visiting that country), as well as your travel insurance information, in a location where you can quickly find it.