One of the smartest decisions start-ups can take is outsourcing software development, as it helps enhance their productivity without having to invest additional time and money. As start-ups need to focus on expanding their core business and growth in the long run, software development projects should be left to expert developers. Outsourcing software development provides small companies with a competitive advantage in an ever-changing market scenario.

Many companies may believe that an in-house development team will help them achieve their goals faster, but forget that the hiring and employee retaining process is highly taxing. Here are 8 reasons why start-ups and new business owners should consider outsourcing software development:

1. Improves Productivity:


Starting a business is undoubtedly a lot of work and involves going through endless tasks. By delegating software projects to a reputed software development agency, the company can work toward its main objectives without any hassle. It is not ideal to pressurize your internal IT team to take on a software development project, while they are busy working on other tasks as this will reduce employee efficiency. Outsourcing software development will allow new business owners to raise funds, strategize, find the right market for their products and/or services, and map their marketing efforts.

2. Better Communication Between Team Members:

A major challenge with an in-house team is that companies need to invest in team building as well. If employees are unable to work together, solve problems or resolve conflicts between them, they will not be able to contribute to the organization. Fortunately, within software development agencies, teams have already been working together on multiple projects and have an established rapport. Team members within the agency work collaboratively and productively, thereby, developing good quality applications or software products.

3. Transparency:


Usually startups are worried that they may not be able to track the progress of their software project or have a say in how things progress while outsourcing software development. However, this is not true for every agency. It is important for Startups, to go with reputed software agencies and research before outsourcing. Top agencies make it a point to communicate with their clients regularly and maintain proper documentation of the ongoing tasks. Their end goal is to bring your vision to life and to meet your requirements without fail. Good agencies know the importance of regular communication and maintain transparency throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.

4. Cost Efficient:

Did you know? 46% of the Startups fail due to the lack of funds. Outsourcing software development helps save a quarter of these lost Start-up funds. Even though creating an in-house development team may sound appealing in the short term, you will have to pay your full-time employees a fixed amount regardless of how the app or software performs in the end. Another risk of going with an in-house team is that in the process of cutting costs you may end up hiring amateurs, which may increase your costs and do more harm than good to your start-up. Going with an on-shore or off-shore software development company is much cheaper and will bring in more profits for your start-up.

5. Saves Time:


Outsourcing software development can help start-ups save a significant amount of time, for starters, you do not need to spend a lot of time on hiring new employees to build a team, agencies already have the best teams ready to work for you. A lot of time needs to be invested while hiring in-house employees and they also need to adapt to your company culture to start contributing productively to your organization. On the other hand, Software development agencies already know how to work on different types of projects and can develop products according to your requirements faster.

6. Access to the latest technology and Expertise:

Software development agencies such as are aware of the on-going technology trends and often know how to leverage these advanced technologies emerging in the market. In-house experts may have a narrow focus and may not be well acquainted with the latest technologies. Outsourcing software development also gives your start-up access to a wider talent pool without having to hire new employees for every project. Having access to better technologies and industry experts also paves the way for innovation.

7. More flexible:


When you hire people for your in-house team, they need to give certain benefits and a fixed amount of compensation monthly, regardless of their performance. Hiring employees is a long-term commitment whereas outsourcing software development can be both short-term or long-term. You only need to pay up for the services you avail if you outsource. Many software development companies first develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at a minimal cost and then allow Startups to decide if they want to invest in the complete application/software product or not.

8. Support and Maintenance:

In this digital age, customers may not be interested in using your applications and software products if they find errors and flaws. The quality of your digital products impacts the credibility and reputation of your startup. Software projects do not end as your products require testing and maintenance. Testing the end-product is crucial for identifying technical flaws and bugs, many software development companies take care of software testing and maintenance along with development. Some companies also provide round-the-clock services to make sure you are always ahead of your competition.

Before building themselves up in the market, start-ups need to go through a lot of struggles and often lack resources. Outsourcing software development is not only good for cost-cutting, it helps companies save time and resources, that can be utilized for tasks related to their core business. Many software development companies like West Agile Labs are providing flexible pricing options for start-ups, you just need to shortlist the best ones and proceed with the outsourcing process. The best part about outsourcing is that you will receive your applications or software products on time from the development agency and will have a faster time to market. If the same work were to be done by an in-house development team, it would take much longer.