It’s amazing how fast the trends are changing. In a short time, new ones come, old ones leave, but also a lot of things return to fashion. We would probably have to spend our days shopping to be able to keep up with absolutely every change that happens in fashion. However, why would we do that?

Apart from the fact that not everyone is able to spend thousands of dollars in this way, it takes a lot of energy and time. Think like fashion designers. Instead of blindly following trends and buying ready-made products, try something more innovative, guided by trends, create your own clothes. Also if designing art to go on clothing is your passion or even a hobby, Epson has a great garment printer that can bring your designs to life which you can check out on

It’s very easy, everything you need is in your wardrobe. You just need to reconstruct things that are too basic for you, bored you or simply inspired you to change. This way you can be constantly up to date when it comes to fashion. Click on Threadcurve to learn more about accessorizing your basic outfits!

So, it is not difficult to follow trends and look like that. To do this better, read below for a few ideas we have prepared for you.

1. Cut and make a new look


Let’s start with the simplest thing. You can make the perfect model of t-shirts from your old ones by cutting them out. You can do this in several ways, and with each you get a different look. For example, if you cut the lower part of a long T-shirt, you will get a crop top. If you do it with sleeves – you have a T-shirt with thicker straps.

In any case, there is something new and different in front of you, even though it is only a matter of removing a certain part of the material. Of course, when you cut the shirt properly, it would not be bad to hem the ends by hand or if you have a machine. That way, it won’t look messy, or if your goal is a relaxed look, you can simply cut it out.

2. Pin the sticker

For this, you need a sticker that attaches to the needle and a piece of clothing that you choose. This is a very popular trend that dates back to the 90s. However, when you decide to change a piece of clothing, all you need to do is find these stickers that are very affordable and come in a variety of colors and shapes.

This way, you can remake your jeans or top by adding some very interesting details and a little color. Old jeans with this will never look better, and you will look very chic!

3. Collar


When you think about it, the difference between a regular T-shirt and one with a collar is not that big. More precisely, it is exactly the collar, but everything else is the same. When you understand that, why not make such a T-shirt yourself from any other.

Now, even old T-shirts that you sleep in or wear around the house can look unrecognizable. However, you can also do this with any dress that does not have a collar. You can buy it ready-made, but you can also make it yourself from any fabric you choose. When you pair it with one of your t-shirts you will look totally unique!

4. Color the clothes

We have another solution for all the annoying T-shirts that have been in your closet for a long time. Bring them to life with colors! We don’t mean just one color, be creative and mix as many colors as possible and put it all on the T-shirt.

This dyeing technique comes to life. With this, you can look like precious works of art without a lot of money by wearing them like a T-shirt. You can also experiment a lot with this technique, so a lot of people paint their t-shirt in ombre style and the like.

5. Patches


You know that vintage is always in fashion. Now you can achieve this with one little trick (or more little tricks), use stickers or more! At least you can find this everywhere, depending on the concept you choose. You can make your custom patches for clothing from

Sprinkle your old clothes with a lot of interesting details. This will look great on some of your old bags, but also coats what not or whatever you would like to work on. You will definitely attract many looks and will not leave anyone indifferent. Pins can also be a good choice if you like them more. Today you can get a quality customized pins – small order, and many companies, like GSJJ, offer it.

6. Print

Although you may not normally print, try this time with your clothes. Of course, there are always professionals to come to your aid at a very low price that you will not even feel. Nowadays, apps are the most popular thing you can notice in clothes. There are various topics running through the seasons when it comes to applications, but they are always there.

So you can remake your things from T-shirts, through jackets to bags by adding this popular detail. Explore and discover some interesting topics on the internet or be extremely creative and come up with your own design. In any case, you will not recognize your clothes when you add something like this to them.

7. Elbow patches


The patches you can attach to your t-shirt, shirt or dress can be very effective. To give your things a completely different and better look, add them to the part of the wardrobe that rests on the elbows. A piece of any fabric can be used for that, so feel free to experiment with materials and try different combinations. Who knows what phenomenal models can be born from that.

8. Monogram

While this may sound a little old to you, this technique seems quite elegant on many things. Make, for example, your 15 dollar worth bag look a lot more expensive and newer. You will surely achieve this if you use this technique.

You can find all the guidelines and ideas you need for something like this on the Internet, and when taking the last step, you can always go to a tailor and leave the job to him. You have a lot of options with which you can raise the look of your things to a higher level, and monogramming will certainly contribute to their elegance.



We are sure that after our tips, you will be able to awaken the fashion designer in you and you will enjoy it. Especially when you see the results of your creations. This way you will always be unique when you walk through clothes that no one has but you. We hope we have been able to inspire you with some fantastic ideas.