Whenever people want to spend money on something, they might wonder at first if their small or big investment will turn out to be worthwhile. Usually, we do spend on goods and services, and the quality of purchased things depends on our perception of what we get in comparison with the expected. What about the service of using money to make even more money through gambling? Is the money considered well-spent only if we win or is the game itself what matters the most – the old story of road vs. destination.

Although you appreciate the road despite the fact that it might not bring you exactly where you aimed, you’d probably like to know if you’re seeing the right signs or they might be the ones pointing you to the wrong direction and dead end.

Saved by the software


In the online gambling world, there are some important things to have in mind to be sure the game is trustworthy. Those who pay attention to fairness always use the so-called True Random Number Generator or short TRNG. It’s not as complex as it might seem. This means there’s an implemented calculating program that generates numbers randomly and isn’t manipulated by either human or system-driven unfair algorithms. In other words, the outcome is always fair and unpredictable.

This generator enables that the outcome emerges from certain outside changes, such as TV signal waves, noise from the electronic equipment, or another type of signal emission from the physical world to ensure the untraceable and fully random deal for the player. The result might change and doesn’t last for good, so the best casinos usually display the result of the latest updated TRNG test on their websites.

Trustworthy or not


Usually, we can hear stories about how mathematicians and other experts in related fields can’t enter some casinos because it’s probability-based and they can understand the pattern and trick the system. Yet, we can say people have natural striving to understand the pattern of something and use it for their benefit.

We can doubt many things when it comes to luck games, yet, unless we do have proof of something being rigged for real, we need to leave it as ‘highly-unlikely’ or ‘highly-likely’ to happen and move on wondering. We can also use some tools to understand the thing better and get some guidance about the casinos in one place if we are to proceed with trying our luck – or, for example, check this and resolve the existing dilemmas we might have.

For everything we want to disassemble and make it better in order to be able to make better use of it, we need to ensure the understanding of its nature and its operating flow. If you know how it works, you can make the best of it. We do know that all casinos are being developed so that the house can always win, otherwise, we would have countless gamblers getting rich and hosts going bankrupt. This doesn’t mean you won’t win, just the opposite – yet there’s a very well-hidden threshold under which the house will never go to keep their profits secured.

There’s a chance that some of them can be rigged. How to distinguish? Unlike what you might expect, this isn’t a common situation. Many lists of casinos are being marked as ‘at risk’ due to not being licensed any longer or they have never been. The best to do here? It’s simple – just avoid them.

Usually, the unfair ones, whether on the blacklist or not, will request from you to perform numerous different layers of claiming your winning to get paid. This isn’t something you should be worried about, as it’s more than enough to ensure you stick to the licensed houses with good software and proven practice.

Never enough of precaution


Apart from using casinos that have TRNG, there are also some additional indicators that the game is fair or not.

  • Encrypted data

We might be familiar with the so-called SSL encryption. This is the abbreviation from Secure Sockets Layer, which is being used to keep users’ information safe from some unauthorized accesses. This encryption converts the data that contains both numbers and letters to codes using mathematical functions. The result – the companies that use this keep our data safe, while those that avoid using it expose the sensitive users’ information to the darkness of the web. This way, your personal information can be used even if you don’t know about it while you aren’t aware of it. Since casino services are all about cash, you might want to make sure your casino is using this technology.

  • Privacy policy

This is a part of every credible website that needs to use the confidential information from the users as an important part of the service they provide. When you want to start using certain services, the online platform usually asks you if you agree with their policy (including this part). By accepting it upon signing up, you have given the casino the right to use the information in the way they stated in this document. Well, if they decide to use it otherwise, they might face legal action. If you don’t like the Privacy policy and the way they oblige to protect your data, you don’t have to proceed using their services.

  • Terms of Use

Terms of Use is the general guideline the company creates to explain to the users or clients how they operate in different areas of their business and how they handle different activities. Similar to the previous, yet a bit wider and content-filled, this is where the casino shares with you how they operate and what are the rules in case you want to use their services.


It’s great to know that maybe you have the right to some bonus you might have overlooked or what the steps if you win some huge amount or maybe a top prize are. Maybe making several screenshots of the rules that you consider important is a good idea to avoid having the rules change in the meantime. This way,  you won’t end up confused about what your rights are – or better say – were, at the time you became eligible for something, that mysteriously changed after a little while.

If you’re new to the casino world, just explore at first. It’s indeed a golden rule when starting something new. Until you establish the conditions under which your private information will be shared with some online gambling operator, avoid giving it out. Another thing – never underestimate the power of a good review. Other gamblers might post their reviews or other types of feedback online about their experience which might bring a better look from the bird’s perspective on the house you will hand over your money and your luck to. Choose wisely and test your knowledge once you’re sure about it!