Social networks are a perfect concept that connects all the people on the planet. It is a concept that helps people to be close to each other even when they are not close to each other. An ideally designed way in which everyone connects with the people they know, but also gets to know the people with whom they have similar or the same interests.

So today there are a number of such platforms on which people find each other. Some of the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where people spend their free time, and when it comes to the business world then it is definitely LinkedIn or better known as the “business network”.

Believe it or not, it is true. There is also a network that you can access as a business person, ie as a person who is involved in the business world one way or another. LinkedIn is a perfect example that there can be a social network where companies, all employees in companies, people who are interested in running a company, etc. will gather in one place.

We are sure that you have already created your own profile on this super social network which is far different from all the others. Do you have an account but it is not so active and you have a small number of connections? Not sure how to increase LinkedIn connections?

In that case, today’s article is for you. Today we bring you some tips and tricks on how to increase the number of connections on this social network. But first let’s see what exactly LinkedIn is and what kind of social network it is.

What is LinkedIn and how does this network work?

LinkedIn is a network that has existed for many years. It first appeared on the market in 2003 when it was shared as a platform to which you can connect based on business communications, desire for career development and advancement, etc. But as the years went by this network grew and changed.

So, apart from business people, the companies that started to create their profiles started to join it, all people from all spheres and professions joined here, the options for sharing articles, statuses were opened, reactions were created, a chat was created on which what you can contact, opened the option to recruit staff with the help of this application, opened the opportunity to advance in your career, etc.

This application has simply become the number one tool in the business world, which means that it is above all important to have an account on it, to be well-formed, and to have as many connections as possible. And now let’s see what tips and tricks we bring you to increase the number of people you connect with on LinkedIn.

1. Edit your profile the right way


First and foremost, you need to sign with your full name. That way she will be recognizable in front of others. Then post a profile picture that will look businesslike enough because it will tell people that you are a professional who loves his job, loves his profession, and wants to invest in his career, growth, and development.

Then list all the details about your education, your past work experience, any training you have received, your qualities, etc. Finally, do not forget to ask for an opinion and evaluation of your skills by co-workers, let them try to be the most honest because that opinion is important on this network in front of people who do not know you. Focus on these few things and you will have a great and enticing profile.

2. Send well-composed messages for people you would like to have as your connection

When you notice an interesting profile that you would like to be your connection or when you notice a professional in your field with whom you would like to have a little closer communication and closer virtual acquaintance, in that regard you must have a well-prepared message that you would send to the person.

You need to compose an honest, professional and well-structured message that will be ready at any moment for a situation where you want to connect with someone who would mean to you to do so.

If you already want to make such a message, but you are not sure if it will be the right one, has prepared a short guide on how to do it the right way without much trouble. See how it is done in the right way and implement it today!

3. Post and share interesting content in your field


Your LinkedIn account must always be full of new content. For example, if you work in the field of marketing you will need to constantly publish content such as motivational thoughts, articles about marketing innovations, news from the field of big businesses and brands, interesting ways of rebranding, and many other things.

You can also post part of your work routine, work meetings, business visits, etc. because that way you will show how your workday goes and how hard you work. With all this, you can get new connections, but also a lot of respect and trust from those who will connect with you.

4. Regularly check your suggestions on a daily basis

LinkedIn is a platform that regularly offers suggestions for new connections. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check the new proposals because among them you may find your new connection with which you can cooperate and communicate well. So try to make this a habit and routinely check every day if and who are the new users you are not connected to, but would like to connect with.

5. Look for people from the same sector in which you work and invite them to connect because you are still a colleague


Do not forget to look for your co-workers and connect with them, but also do not forget to look for colleagues from the area and add. That way you will have many colleagues in the field who will be here with you, but you will also be with them and you will be able to regularly monitor your career growth and progress.


You need to be regularly involved in this network to create an attractive follow-up profile. Then it is very important to edit the profile and slowly start to meet and find people who could be your potential connection and add them.

Follow these directions and build a strong and great LinkedIn profile that will be a great example for everyone, and for you will be just another great performance and access to the audience, but also to all who work with you in the same area. It’s time to activate your career and career connecting and to find the magic of career communication and career connecting.