The worldwide phenomenon that is casinos and betting, in general, is something to marvel at. There are many different personality types among those that visit casino in one form or another. For example, even in countries where casinos don’t exist, players will still log on to online casinos.

Moreover, in the last few decades, the online betting scene has grown exponentially. To include betting apps, mobile sites and professional reviewers like Which see millions of visitors every single day.

The point is, casinos are busy and obviously see a myriad of different players. Who have different betting styles and personalities? Wondering, which of the main type of bettors you might be?

1. The Pros


This group of players doesn’t even think of themselves as gamblers, because what they try to achieve is getting skillful enough at their game that luck no longer plays the main role. For example, they will spend a lot of time improving their knowledge, studying strategy, researching, and practicing.

Most professionals will also avoid games of pure chance like slots. In favour of games that offer more opportunities to put those strategies to work and control the outcomes. In short, they do not love surprises and like to feel like they have the power to win the games they play.

Furthermore, there are even players who have made a career out of casino games. For instance, professional poker players who compete in tournaments and can make an entire year’s salary in a single victory.

For pros, knowing everything casino-related, or about their game is vital for their success. Because at that level, they are typically competing against others with similar goals and personalities.

Lastly, many professionals also have the bankroll to fund their expensive tastes in betting. Or, they view everything they spend as an investment that could pay off in multiples.

2. Conservative Players


Conservative gambling is what the vast majority of people do at casinos and online. Basically, they are in it for the fun and entertainment it can provide. Rather than looking at it as simply a way to gain financially. Who can deny, that there’s a real thrill in betting a small amount of money for the potential to win much more?

If you’re not at all concerned with tactics, statistics and strategizing, then you’re definitely a conservative gambler. Who only does it from time to time without investing too much effort or money. These personalities will either choose slots, or table games with simple rules and gameplay that they can easily understand.

It goes without saying that conservative gamblers also tend to stick with low stakes no matter what they’re playing. And when they are winning or losing, usually know when it’s time to quit. Since the main purpose of their visit is all about entertainment, they don’t stress too much when things aren’t going their way.

3. Social Players


Social players almost always come in packs and are just there as a way to pass an evening. Most of these personality types are outgoing and are there just for entertainment and to socialize with friends. These types of players love chatting up the dealers, drinking and just having an all-out fun time.

For them, casinos are all about spending quality time with their friends and family. And whether they win money or not is a secondary joy. Many social gamblers love to visit upscale establishments, horse racetracks or casinos in exotic locations.

Most also play the lottery or participate in fantasy sports betting and poker nights with buddies. They typically do not use online casinos as often, unless it’s live casino games, where they can interact with human dealers.

4. Personality Gamblers


In general, personality gamblers are very different from the above types. They are a very competitive, ambitious, and value organizations. They love winning and would do anything for the high they get from hitting a big jackpot or beating the dealer in blackjack.

They are similar to pros, except they are more interested in the payouts than the pride that comes along with winning something you worked hard for. For example, many famous casinos cheats or scammers fall under this category. In other words, they would use anything at their disposal to win.

Keep in mind that if you are a personality gambler, you’re more likely to get caught doing something unsafe, or illegal. Not only in the casino, but in general to secure funds for legitimate gambling.

Many personality gamblers prefer to stay out of the spotlight and will avoid high-roller tables or even casinos altogether. They may enjoy underground gambling establishments or privately organized games of poker, baccarat or craps. Most personality gamblers are experts in the games that they choose to play. By studying everything they can at a strategic and psychological level.

5. Compulsive Gamblers


Compulsive personalities are the rarest of all, comprising only a small percentage of people. However, they are the most at risk for engaging in unhealthy gambling behaviors. They experience different phases which ultimately lead to these types developing compulsive personalities.

For example, it usually starts with a winning phase, whereby casually playing a game, they experience multiple wins in a row. Which creates an overly optimism toward what they can achieve if they continue or come back. This is followed by raising their wagers and returning to the same games more often.

Eventually, when they start experiencing their first losses, they are no longer capable of handling it in a rational manner. So, they try to recoup losses by repeatedly betting in hopes of favorable outcomes.


If you love visiting casinos, whether online or you find it a pleasant way to spend a few hours. Then chances are, you fall into one of the above categories. Hopefully it’s one of the former, but if you find yourself exhibiting traits of the last two, it could be best for you to avoid betting altogether. Self-awareness is going to help you have more positive experiences and a better overall outlook.