As the world is evolving, so are the business industries. Where authentic companies create genuine products, another industry that is slowly thriving under the shadows of authentic companies is the fake counterpart makers. Especially when talking about the automotive industry, this has become an enormous problem. If you have ever encountered a situation regarding buying spare parts for your vehicle, you would have come across certain products that seem exactly like the original ones but are actually fake products.

To counter this situation, many manufacturers have come up with policies to minimize the buying and selling of such products. Furthermore, many also use their signatures, barcodes, and other ideas to differentiate their products as original. Furthermore, different spare part vendors and online websites like ensure that they offer 100 % genuine and high-quality parts.

If you are thinking about what difference would it make if you use a fake spare part, then there are several reasons you should avoid getting fake parts in any situation. Firstly, they are not as efficient as the original parts. Because they are low quality, they won’t last as long as a genuine would, and you’ll have to keep on purchasing the same part again and again. Secondly, such parts are not only low-quality but are cheap as well.

This industry is booming because the manufacturers increase the profit margins by cutting costs on quality assurance and testing. As a result, the parts you get are not quality-assured and not at all safe. Lastly, and most importantly, fake parts are more prone to causing accidents since these are not at all safe and can also damage your vehicles seriously.

So, because of so many fake parts available on the market, how would you know the real one and the fake? Not to worry! By keeping in mind, the following points, you can easily save yourself from getting low quality fake spare parts.

Analyze the packaging


The first thing you can do when getting a spare part is to inspect its packaging carefully. You need to take your time to carefully analyses anything that seems off or unprofessional about its packaging. If you have the packaging of your old part lying around, you can take it with you when you go. Simply, compare the packaging, graphics, quality of packaging, and you will get an idea if the part is fake.

Analyze and compare old part with new


Furthermore, you can also compare two parts. For instance, you can take the worn-out old authentic part with you when you go for buying a new one. This way, you can carry out a side-by-side comparison of the two. See if the weight, overall built, material, finishing, texture, etc., of both parts seem the same or not. You will get enough clues to decide which one is fake and which one is not.

Check for Barcodes


Genuine parts always have a specific barcode or serial number assigned to them. As this barcode or serial number is the identity of that product, the manufacturers use it to keep track and record of that part. So, when buying a spare part, especially an expensive one, make sure you contact the manufacturers. You can give them the barcode, and they can check to see if the product is genuine or fake.

In addition, if the part comes with a QR code, you can also scan it through your smartphone. Many manufacturers offer this service to stop the sale of fake and dangerous parts.

Analyze prices


Price is a major indicator in this case. Because of high technology and quality assurance, genuine parts are usually expensive. However, fake counterparts are relatively cheaper, mainly because they don’t focus on quality and testing. So, when buying a spare part, make sure to get the price quote from genuine manufacture. In addition, many people fall for the fake parts only because they are cheaper. Saving a few bucks on parts might seem like an attractive option at that time, but it has an adverse effect on your car’s performance and can endanger your life as well.

Also, genuine parts come with a money-back guarantee as well. So, if you are getting a spare part for your car and the manufacturer is offering no guarantee on its working or efficiency, it clearly means something is not right about the product. In short, always look for a spare part that offers a money-back guarantee as to the chances it will be genuine are higher.

Don’t buy from a random dealership


Always buy spare parts from a renowned dealership. You will find many dealerships that claim to give genuine parts but end up selling fake parts to customers. So, apart from keeping an eye on the product itself, you should ensure that the dealership is also genuine and selling high-quality products. Furthermore, you can also get advice from your family members and friends regarding which sellers hold a genuine license. Also, dealerships that offer fake parts don’t usually generate computerized receipts. So, it is also another way of checking whether the dealership offers genuine products or not. Having an original computerized receipt is also an indication that you are getting the right part.

Getting a genuine part for your vehicle is very important on so many levels. Not only that it is suitable for the life of your vehicle, but it is also safe and protects you from major machinery failure during driving. So, the next time you are out getting a spare part for your car, make sure you understand how to differentiate between original and fake spare parts. This way, you won’t waste your time and money.