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How to Debug Apache RewriteRule or mod_rewrite – 2024 Guide

It’s hard to debug Apache RewriteRule (mod_rewrite) problems, especially when you have multiple rules. With applications like WPMU, it can be especially tough because WPMU may likely be doing it’s own RewriteRules. One trick is to turn on the rewrite

What is the Apache Directive Order of Precedence?

I am trying to implement some mod_rewrite RewriteRules using WordPressMU. I tried putting them in the Virtural Host file, but they did not appear to work. Since WPMU has a set of mod_rewrite RewriteRules in a .htaccess file, I wondered

PHP APC: How to Monitor Usage and Config for Optimum Performance

APC is the Alternative PHP Cache. It’s a handy caching utility for use with PHP. We use it with W3 Total Cache on our WordPress installations. It runs OK “out of the box.” But you likely need to tune the

Restarting Apache Gracefully

If you are restarting the web server on a live website, you should do it gracefully. A graceful restart tells the web sever to finish any active connections before restarting. This means that active visitors to your site will be

Setup WordPress or WPMU to Make an Atomic Version Switch — AND Allow You...

I have a new WordPress MU (WPMU) install and I am ready for my first upgrade. I couldn’t get automatic upgrade to work, and all the forums said: do it by hand manually. This is fine, but I didn’t want

How to Password Protect WordPress Admin (or Any) Apache Directory

If you are running WordPress, it’s a good idea to lock down the WordPress admin. Sure, it’s password protected already. But you can (and should) add some extra security to lessen your vulnerability to any newly discovered PHP or WordPress

How to Upgrade APC on Ubunutu

APC — the Alternative PHP Cache — is a handy caching utility for use with PHP. We use it with W3 Total Cache to speed up our WordPress sites. I recently had a little trouble remembering how to upgrade APC

301 Redirect from Bare Domain to Full WWW Domain

We recently set up Google Pagespeed Service for one of our WordPress sites. The site was setup with a “bare” domain name. That is, it had no subdomain. For example: http://healthfitnessexperts.com Google’s Pagespeed Service can’t handle bare domains. Like many

Configuring Log Rotation of Apache2 and Other Logs

I went to check out my apache2 logs and I noticed that they were being automatically rotated (access.log, access.log.1, etc.) and compressed with gzip (access.log.2.gz, etc.). This seems to be the default Ubuntu configuration. I wanted to make find out