In addition to dogs, cats have long been one of the most common pets. Whether you keep them indoors or outdoors, their presence has a calming effect. It has also been scientifically proven that pets have a positive impact on the mental and psychological health of people, as well as having an impact on the socio-emotional and cognitive development of children. Cats are an adventurous bunch, which can often invite behaviors or hazards pet owners need to be aware of. Take responsibility as their human at by choosing the pet insurance option that works for you and your fluffy companion! With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know as a cat owner.

1. Cats like to climb


This is nothing new. Many will probably think – so what? Nothing, you just need to “prepare the ground,” because we assume cats see your expensive curtains as the perfect way to climb up and down. And the tablecloth your mom gave you may be better to put away for a while, at least until the cat gets used to the new environment and until you get to know its habits. Otherwise, you might find lunch on the floor.

2. What do cats eat?

Many people buy cat food, but some often give leftovers from lunch assuming it’s what cats like. It is usually a piece of meat or fish. Kids tend to share their snacks with their pets. We know that peanuts are a strong allergen, and also that they are a favorite snack among children. And what happens if peanuts or peanut butter end up in your cat’s stomach? You can learn more about it here.

Cats are carnivores and are accompanied by the voice that they are always hungry. That is why many people always leave them within reach. but, know that cats are prone to fattening and that an obese cat is not a healthy cat.

3. A litter box


Unlike dogs, which can defecate at every step, cats are much tidier in this regard. So, you have to provide them with places to go to the toilet. All you have to do is pour the sand into the container provided for the toilet. Although this doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, you can buy a litter box for cats, which will seamlessly fit into your living space as if it were part of the furniture.

When it comes to the toilet, these pets are picky. In addition to not liking their food bowl near the toilet (who likes it?), cats also dislike noisy places, such as a place next to a washing machine. For your apartment not to take on a specific and uncomfortable smell, it is advisable to clean your cat’s toilet at least once a day.

4. Cats like to sit at the window

You must have noticed that cats can sit by the window for hours and look outside. Yes, it represents their door to the outside world, but there is another reason why the bass window is their favorite place. Cats love moisture, and where is there more condensation than just the window?

5. Cats and other pets


You need to take this into account if you want to get a cat. Although very often for two people who disagree we can say that they “love each other like a dog and a cat”, we can often see real love between these two animals. On the other hand, it is not very wise to keep a cat in the same living space with a bird, fish, or hamster, because it could happen that some of them accidentally disappear.

6. Cats and plants

Cats simply adore flowers. If you keep it in a pot, be prepared to find the ground outside it, and if it’s in the water, you won’t get any better. In addition to being a real challenge for making a mess around the apartment, many plants are dangerous to the health of the cat and for that reason, it is better to get rid of them. Here we mean ficus Benjamin, poinsettia, narcissus, and many other species that contain toxins that negatively affect the health of your pet.

7. Every cat is unique


Maybe you liked your friend’s Siamese cat, you are delighted with her appearance, but also with her behavior, which is why you bought her. However, it didn’t take you long to realize that the only thing these two cats have in common is physical appearance. Remember that every cat is unique, just like a human. Each has a different character, unique to it.

8. Get a scratcher

Cats are known to love to climb. Nail sanding has several roles. In addition to maintaining their nails in this way, they also leave a message for other cats in the scratched area, the smell of their gland. The scratcher should have several levels, as well as that it is as high as the cat when it is stretched or larger. Otherwise, the cat will not meet all its needs.

9. Cats like to play


Cats love company, they love to cuddle and so be ready to welcome her in your lap and cuddle for a long time until she is happy to spin. They also love to play. In pet stores, you will find many interesting toys that you should always keep in their line of sight. With this, you have briefly secured your furniture from scratches!

10. Cats love light

Like humans, animals love light. And just as people are more depressed and in a worse mood when it’s cloudy or rainy, bad weather affects cats in the same way. Therefore, even when the weather is bad, open the curtains and let the light enter the room.

11. A regular visit to the vet


It is very important to take the cat to the vet regularly because they know how to cover up the pain. It is therefore recommended that you take her away even when you have the slightest suspicion. It is also important to consult about vaccinating your pet because cats are often carriers of “cat AIDS” and “cat leukemia”, which are not dangerous to human health.