Digital marketing strategies aim at increasing the reach of your site. It increases brand awareness and thus brings a lot of visitors. It is not much of a difficult thing to do. If you want to know that whether your campaign is working effectively or not, you should check these matrices. You will find these options in your site performance, look for leads, sales and revenue.

The performance of these three matrices should rise as a result of your marketing campaign. If that is not the case, you have failed in your strategy. However, you may observe an unexpected downfall in the performance after a few months of a successful campaign sometimes. This is the time to launch a new campaign then.

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But how will you know that whether your campaign is working effectively or not?

1. Effectiveness of your marketing campaign


If you have launched a marketing campaign, it is important for you to pay attention to its performance. Check whether it was effective or not. To do so, you have to look for different KPIs. But before that, group the data into branded and –non-branded searches. It is essential to do so because they both have different values and can affect your business growth differently. However, both need different measurements. Therefore, you should separate them and analyze them separately.

So if your campaign aimed at lead generation and bringing new customers, the KPIs should be;

  • Traffic – After the launch of your campaign, the number of visitors should be increasing. Moreover, the page that targets the keywords of the non-branded industry should receive more visitors. This will show the success of your campaign.
  • Clicks and conversions – This includes the number of people who click on the forms that you have provided on your site. Likewise, if your campaign includes calls, you should also include the number of calls you received after the campaign.
  • Bounce rate – It should also be high for a successful marketing strategy. However, if you observe a high bounce rate but the conversion rate is low, you should pay attention to the improvement of your marketing strategy. Furthermore, bounce rate varies with industries, therefore, there is not a fixed number to check the success. But you can see the improvement from the past.

2. Relevant traffic


Traffic generation is not the only thing, relevant traffic generation is important. This shows that whether the right type of people is coming to your page. Because if you get irrelevant traffic, it won’t be much help to your business. Your sales won’t go high.

For example, you have a clothing store and your marketing campaign was not good enough. So although people will look at the site and may visit it, but they won’t buy anything. Because that would be irrelevant for them. Therefore, you should keep this thing in your mind that all the money that you are spending is worth it.

But how will you know it?

You have to look for Google analytics. This will let you know that whether you got relevant traffic or not. Likewise, you should also pay attention to the CTR and visit conversion ratio. Both these KPIs will let you know about the success of your campaign.

3. Target returning and new visitors


You should not only attract new visitors but also hold the previous ones. If someone has shopped from your store once, you should hold him. A successful marketing strategy never works for only one target group. Therefore, if you are worried about the performance of your plan, you should look at this aspect.

If you are getting previous customers back and also getting new clients, your strategy is successful. There are some tools that will help you get this analysis. These include;

  • Google analytics – The overview report of audience and users
  • Google analytics – The behavior report of new visitors and returning clients
  • HotJar – This will let you determine your new and returning visitors.

4. Where are you getting your traffic from?


This is an important question that you need to ask your marketing team. If you are using a proper marketing campaign, it is essential that you target different potential groups. For example, you should do social media marketing and also provide backlinks. Likewise, whether your keywords are strong enough or not.

If you are getting more traffic from social media platforms, it means that your strategy related to SMM was successful. Likewise, if your site has a better ranking and you are getting traffic through it, this means that your keywords are best and have potential.

5. Does the traffic is of any potential value?


You might get high traffic as a result of your campaign but what else? People will click on your site and go back. This is not relevant traffic and it won’t let your business grow. Therefore, you should pay attention to your strategy and get value and not just traffic.

If you are planning to improve your online business, you will surely depend on an effective marketing strategy. However, only launching a campaign might not be all. You need to pay attention to the performance of your marketing strategy and how things are going. Thus, only after careful monitoring, you will be able to learn about your shortcomings and make a new better strategy.