We cannot talk about iconic characters from Star Wars without mentioning Yoda, the green lightsaber-wielding Jedi Grandmaster himself. This wise and powerful Jedi is the kind of teacher we all wish we had (with him seizing every opportunity and moment to drop some wise words).

Also, from his unique speech pattern to his down-to-earth personality, Yoda is arguably one of the best characters from the Star Wars franchise. But how much do we really know about our beloved alien character?

Where Does He Come From?


Since his introduction in The Empire Strikes Back, there has been very little discussed Yoda’s origins (even the real name of the alien species he comes from remains unknown). All fans know is that when Yoda was a youngling, he encountered a human that had crash-landed on his swamp world and together with that human, he found Jedi Master N’Kata Del Gormo (a Hysalrian), who trained him as Padawan.

Yoda eventually ventured out to Coruscant to continue his training under a Mark IV architect called Huyang. He became a master at the age of 100 and proceeded to train thousands of younglings over the course of 800 years. This of course endeared him to the Jedi Order where he was granted a seat on the High Council.

What Makes Yoda’s Character so Unique?


Let’s start with the fact that only two other characters (Grogu and Master Yaddle) are from Yoda’s species in the entire canon of Star Wars and none of them compare to our beloved Jedi.

His unusual speech pattern and captivating cadence are also something fans have been intrigued by. There are even theories that his speaking of English backwards is due to the fact that his original language is too difficult to be translated into English.

His prolonged aging and a great deal of power (even from a young age) are other characteristics that make him so special.

Yoda is a true Jedi Master and he has shown this time and time again from his confrontation with his former Padawan, Count Dooku, to his military strategy as General of the Galactic Republic.

All About Master Yoda’s Green Lightsaber

One of the things Yoda was known for was his green-blade lightsaber which was shorter than normal because of his small stature. It was with this lightsaber that he perfected all the lightsaber combat styles with Form IV: Ataru being the most notable. If you’re looking for high-quality replica character sabers take a look at Padawan Outpost who supply duel ready sabers.

The Lightsaber’s History


Yoda crafted his lightsaber while he was still an apprentice under the instruction of Mark IV architect, Huyang and with a single Adegan crystal he got from Ilum. He wielded it in numerous battles, including the duel with Count Dooku and missions to Coruscant, Rugosa, Vjun, Moraband and Ilum. Yoda lost his lightsaber in a duel with Darth Sidious in 19 BBY but he soon recovered the saber and kept it in a box in his hut while on his exile in Dagobah.

Saber Specifications


Master Yoda’s lightsaber is of the Shoto lightsaber model/classification which is characterized by a shorter blade. It has a single, green blade with a straight and cylindrical hilt of about 14 cm. The hilt’s material is alloy metal and it has a shrouded emitter.


Without a doubt, Yoda is one of the most unique and iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. His personality, wisdom and skill make him an exceptional Jedi Master and an even better teacher.