Almost everyone knows the TIOBE index, a software development company. This ranking is based on the percentage of queries in search engines in a particular language compared to queries in all languages and is compiled monthly based on data from Google, Baidu, Wikipedia, Amazon and Ebay.

March 2024 Top10 Programming language for look to software engineer jobs:

Mar 2024 Programming Language Ratings Change
1 Python 14.83% +0.57%
2 C 14.73% +1.67%
3 Java 13.56% +2.37%
4 C++ 13.29% +4.64%
5 C# 7.17% +1.25%
6 Visual Basic 4.75% -1.01%
7 JavaScript 2.17% +0.09%
8 SQL 1.95% +0.11%
9 PHP 1.61% -0.30%
10 Go 1.24% +0.26%



Suitable for the inexperienced beginner. The abundance of ready-made libraries (many of which are designed to work with big data) and frameworks, as well as a simple syntax, allow you to start programming almost immediately. Suitable professions: Full stack developer (Jango), Back-end developer, Data scientist, Data engineer, Data analyst


The C programming language differs from other programming languages in that:

  • it is efficient and allows you to create programs that use the minimum amount of computer resources;
  • it is portable and can be used on different platforms;
  • it has a powerful set of functions for working with memory, strings, files, and other basic data structures;
  • it is low-level and allows the programmer to have more control over the program, but can lead to more complex code and increased bugs;

Relevant professions: Software engineer, Backend developer



Harder than Python, but easier than C++. Pretty much similar to C#, both in syntax and in difficulty of learning, and a large number of educational materials of different levels are available for free. Relevant professions: Software tester, Android developer, Java developer.


C++ syntax is more complicated than that of Python or C#. However, the use of language tools and concepts of this language will give a better understanding of programming theory and may facilitate the study of other languages in the future. Relevant professions: C++ developer, Game developer



C# originally adopted the syntax of C++ and Java, as it was designed specifically to simplify the latter. It has a good set of frameworks (.Net, Xamarin) and libraries. Relevant professions: Game Developer, Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer.


You can learn JavaScript quickly, the main thing is to work out the theory in practice in simulators. In six months, you can master the documentation, since its logic is simple and flexible. The language is powerful and its tools are simple and accessible. Relevant professions: Frontend developer, Fullstack developer, Web developer.

Choosing the right programming language for a particular project depends on a variety of factors, such as the goals of the project, the experience level of the development team, and the resources available. It’s important to keep in mind that programming languages are tools, and different tools are better suited for different tasks.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a language that will allow you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. The key to successful programming is to choose the right language for the task at hand and to have a good understanding of programming theory and best practices.