Old marketing strategies like renting out billboards and printing newspaper advertisements are giving way to newer marketing techniques. New marketing techniques like email marketing recognize the changes that have occurred in the twenty-first century.

They realize that the world has transformed into a digital space, and they can get great reach and response by promoting their brands through the internet.

What Is Marketing Via Email?


Email marketing involves sending promotional messages or relevant feeds to potential customers at regular intervals. A person’s internet usage is a great way to gauge his likes and interests. Email marketers use this information to send customized information to a person. A promotional message sent in the mail is thus relevant, and potential customers can easily view it.

If you are in the Law business, you should use e-mail marketing to grow your business by increasing your client base. You must know the different ways or strategies to utilize email marketing. Some websites provide information regarding email marketing for law firms that help you learn different ways to optimize email marketing for your business.

9 Ways To Grow Your Law Business Using Email Marketing

Numerous studies have shown some proven ways of using email for marketing businesses which are also applicable in the case of Law businesses. Some of them are discussed below in brief.

1. Create Your Mailing list


For e-mail marketing, the first requirement is the mailingl list of clients – present, past, and prospective. You should have a good number of e-mail subscribers in your mailingl list. You can collect them from present and past clients, but the best way is to optimize your website to attract visitors to sign up forms on the website for lead generation.

2. Segment Your Email List

Segmentation of mailing lists means categorizing the subscribers based on their age groups, interest, concerns, or unique needs. It makes sense to send e-mails to people for what they are interested in instead of sending the mass e-mail communication to all subscribers. For example, an maill communication to a person interested in corporate legal issues and that to a person interested in land litigation must differ.

3. Create An Attractive Design For Your Email


An eye-catching design makes readers interested in your mail and draws their attention to read what you are saying. Also, optimize them for both computers and mobile devices, as you cannot be sure what device your subscriber may use.

Also, include a video in your e-mail. A study based on a billion e-mails has shown that video e-mails get 96% more clicks. You can also embed a small image linking to your lawyer’s profile video. This will help your prospective clients to learn more about you and show your face and personality immediately.

4. Write Your Email

You must make your e-mail short. People lose interest in long messages. You should make it precise and the content educational, helpful and exciting. It helps to include a link to your website or landing page at the bottom of the e-mail, such as ‘more information’ so interested subscribers can click it to visit your website with more information.

Before sending an e-mail, review it and share it with colleagues. A second eye review can find out faults more quickly. You should remember that any mistakes in the content will make you unprofessional in the eyes of a subscriber and it will become counterproductive.

5. Do A/B Test


You should send two e-mails with minute differences or different headings to two different groups of recipients to check which one gets a better response. This helps in making necessary amendments in the e-mail to get a better response when you start the e-mail marketing campaign for your Law business.

6. Send Your Email And Follow Up

After reviewing and necessary rectification, send the e-mail. You should follow up your first e-mail by sending another e-mail. Studies show that following up your first e-mail increases responses by over 30%. You should send at least three or four follow-up e-mails, but ensure no follow-up e-mails are sent once you receive a response.

7. Use Auto Responders


Use an automated e-mail response system so that subscriber gets an immediate response from you. A simple ‘Thank you for visiting your linked website or ‘we shall contact you shortly for an inquiry by a subscriber goes a long way in making a good relationship. A subscriber may respond to your e-mail at odd hours, and it may not be possible for you to respond immediately, but an autoresponder will react immediately.

Autoresponders also can be used for personalized e-mails. For example, it can send birthday wishes or anniversary messages if pre-programmed. Many e-mail service providers like MailChimp provide you with such services.

8. Monitor Your Email Marketing Campaign

It provides better results in the long run if you monitor the engagement statistics of your emails. There are many e-mail marketing software that can measure the response from the recipients. For example, this software lets you learn the Open rates, Click-through rates, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.

9. Nurture Email Campaigns


You should nurture your relationship with a prospective client by sending law-related email newsletters, solving their minor problems, etc. A potential client may wait to buy your services, but when the need arises for a legal expert, you will be their first preference.


Email marketing is a proven technique for law businesses to spread their message economically, and it is simple. You can reach out to prospective clients from any place with only a few clicks. It is a quick and efficient way to connect with the target audience as people regularly check their inboxes.

Good customized email content satisfies the needs and desires of clients effectively. The conversion rate of email marketing is also higher than other forms of social marketing or other marketing campaigns. It also provides valuable information to prospective clients as well as creates a good relationship with them.

The ways or strategies for email marketing are not complex, and a little interest and action can grow your Law business many folds.