Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in 2024 and is a great way of helping you save money in the long run. We’ve all seen the rising energy prices and heard the gloomy predictions for the future, so preparing yourself now is important.

No one wants to be caught out by the price hikes on their way, so adapting your home to include smart technology is a good way to increase its value.

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Smart Meters Can Lower Energy Costs


Smart meters let you control your home’s heating using smartphone apps or from a device in the home. Most households will use lots of energy to heat homes in the winter, which causes energy bills to rise.

Most homes have heating systems that do a poor job of regulating themselves. This means it makes the house far too hot or far too cold, and this wastes energy. Smart meters let you regulate the temperature easier, and this can save you lots of money in the long run. They are also the cheapest way to use energy, with many of the best tariffs only available if you have a smart meter.

LED Lightbulbs Save Energy


Another way smart technology can add value to your home is by using LED lightbulbs. This is a cheap and easy change but is far more cost-effective than other forms of lightbulbs.

Compared to the traditional incandescent lightbulbs, LED lightbulbs are brighter and far cooler due to how they create light. Rather than having filaments that glow like regular lightbulbs, LED lightbulbs create photons, which is light we can see.

LED lightbulbs use 75% less energy than regular lightbulbs, meaning they can be a considerable saving. You can also find LED lightbulbs designed to work with smart hubs, allowing you to turn them on and off remotely to help save energy on the go.

Smart Hubs Let You Control Your Home On Your Phone


Smart hubs connect smart home devices like heating, lightbulbs, locks, cameras, and TVs to one system. This then lets you control and use these devices remotely. Smart hubs are becoming popular ways to set up homes and can add value to your property.

Rather than having to download separate apps for each device, smart hubs let you control everything in one place and link them. That means when you use your hub to lock your doors, you can link your lightbulbs to switch off at the same time.

There are several different kinds of smart hubs on the market, with industry leaders like Samsung and Amazon having the most popular choices. As they become more popular, smart hubs will become cheaper over time.

As this technology becomes more and more common, we will see more people adapting their homes. By getting ahead of the curve now, it puts you in good stead to make the most of this. Adding smart technology to your home helps increase its value, as buyers will be interested in the benefits of both ease and savings that such technology can bring.