Without any doubt, the EPL is the strongest league in the world. Currently, the situation on the table has never been more interesting. Some of the strongest clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and UTD haven’t started the season as they wanted. However, there are many matches that need to be played, and we are pretty sure the situation on the table will change in the next few months.

You can hear various opinions on what is the best strategy to win the EPL title. Pep Guardiola has certainly found some tricks to do that. Of course, we can’t neglect that Manchester City is investing a huge amount of money to bring the best possible players. But, money is not playing football, and Leichester confirmed that a couple of years ago.

Anyway, one of the things that certainly brings titles is forward players that are scoring goals. Throughout EPL history, there were many amazing central and wing forwards that scored dozens of goals per season. Their goals were sometimes crucial for the teams as they managed to win the title thanks to them.

But, who has the record for most goals in the premier league season? Which individual is holding the first place? On the list below, you will see that some records can’t be broken for tens of years. On the other hand, some of the players are still active, and they were close to breaking the record. Let’s see which players are the top scorers of EPL history!

Alan Shearer


The legendary Alan Shearer is one of the two golden boots of all time. In the season 1993-1994 he managed to score 34 times in 42 appearances. Something more impressive about Alan and that season is that he started all 42 games where he scored a goal. Also, he was only substituted twice in the late parts of the second half. His left hand was magnificent and many people believe he was one of the best strikers ever. However, he was constantly experiencing injuries. That is the reason why he didn’t manage to become one of the best players in the world.

P.S. Alan Shearer was not only once on the top of this list. He managed to score 31 goals in the 95/96 season and the same number of goals in the 93/94 seasons. We will give ourselves the right to say he is the best EPL striker of all time!

Andrew Cole


Only one year earlier. Andrew Cole managed to score 34 goals as well. He was part of Newcastle United in that season. Despite the fact he scored 34 goals, we also need to highlight that he managed to establish 13 assists as well. That means he was the leading figure in both categories. Despite Messi and some other best players in the world, there is no one who managed to have those impressive statistics.

Speaking of Cole, there is one more thing that we need to highlight here. Neither of the 34 goals that he scored was a penalty. He ended his career 14 years ago with 187 goals in total. Believe it or not, only 1 goal out of 187 was from the penalty spot. After he left Newcastle in 1994, he managed to win EPL 5 times.

Mohamed Salah


As we stated at the beginning of this article, some of the top scorers are still active in the premier league. Mo Salah is one of them. After having a minor role in Chelsea, Salah went to Fiorentina on loan and then got bought from Roma. Jurgen Klopp, certainly a manager with good scouting skills, brought him to Liverpool where he managed to score 32 goals in his first season. We can’t neglect that Mane and Firmino were also responsible for the good results that Salah was providing. Until this moment (while we are writing this article), Salah has managed to score 120 goals in 187 appearances. While he started this season pretty bad (only 2 goals so far), we are sure things will change in the next months!

Luis Suarez


Another Liverpool player that is on the top of this list is Luis Suarez. People that are not following EPL or football at all would probably think that Liverpool is the club with the biggest number of titles. However, it seems that they have only found the best strikers of all time in the Premier League of all time. It is not a secret that Liverpool had a terrible defense for a long period.

Anyway, in seasons 2013-2014, Suarez managed to score 31 goals. However, there is something very interesting about that season and we are sure that most EPL fans remember it. He got a 10-game ban during that season for biting Branislav Ivanovic. However, it seems that those 10 games served as a good time for Suarez to clear his mind and recharge his batteries.

Apart from this record, he broke another one during that season. In December, he managed to score 10 goals. That is a single-month Premier League record until today. Liverpool lost the title that season in very unusual circumstances and Suarez went to Barcelona after that where he continued with good games.

Cristiano Ronaldo


The first time Cristiano Ronaldo came to Manchester United was amazing for his career. He managed to score 31 goals in the 07/08 season. Fortunately for him, Manchester United won the title that year. We have to admit he had perfect assistance as he was playing together with Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney.


Will someone manage to break the record? Well, we will have to wait and see. According to bet365 and some other online bookies, Manchester City is the biggest favorite to win the EPL this season. Halland truly started the season pretty amazing. It seems that Manchester City and he are a perfect match. But, it doesn’t matter if the record got broken once. You won’t find a player soon that will be at the top of this list 3 times. Alan Shearer definitely was and still is one of the best strikers of all time.