We can see that most of the people having the nasty habit of taking their home’s plumbing system for granted. Naturally, at some point, some problems will arise, and the whole situation will change completely. When these occur, you will have to act in a matter of hours in order to prevent the damage from becoming too big for you to handle.

It goes without saying that this kind of damage inflicted on your home will mean that you will need to invest massive amounts of money in order to fix them. Also, this means that you will need to hire a professional to help you in sanitating all of these problems. This is not something you can do on your own, no matter how much experience in this field you have.

So, in case you are looking to have someone for this kind of problem, just in case, you can take a look at, and write down this number you will call in case of emergency. Plumbing emergencies usually surprise homeowners most of the time. If you don’t know where to look in order to spot them, that is. This is the reason we would like to talk about what you can stop these plumbing emergencies before they actually appear. Let us provide you with what we’ve been able to find.

Check the Pipes Frequently

It goes without saying that the first thing you need to do in order to prevent the plumbing emergencies is to frequently check all the pipes in your home. That way, you will have the opportunity to find some leaks or some potential leaks long before they are about to act. So, you will be able to apply some measures that will help you to prevent them long before they actually happen. Also, you can check if there are some changes to your water bill, in terms of the increased price. This is a signal that you should take a look at your pipes. It’s important to understand that even the smallest of problems in this field can become major ones, and can have severe consequences. The key is to prevent them.

Preserve Your Toilet


It makes perfect sense to know that your toilet can only handle a certain level of things. Many people throw too many things inside their toilet, alongside with toilet paper. What needs to be said that the only thing that can be thrown in there is a paper itself. So, you should even think about throwing anything else inside it. Over time, it can happen that these things can pile up and you have a problem in your hands. In case you have done something like this before, you should stop it immediately and look for somewhat to clear all the pipes from piled-up paper and other things that have gone through your toilet. This is something that needs to be done only once. If you are careful, there isn’t any need for that in the future.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal

The next thing that we would like to discuss is the kitchen garbage disposal. As its name is saying for itself, this is a part of your kitchen. So, this means that you will be able to damage some of the pipe systems if you are not careful what you are throwing inside it.

Naturally, throwing food particles is not something that will have a negative effect on the system itself. However, things like fruit pits, bones, and other similar things will be pretty hard to go through. Also, there are some kinds of food we don’t recommend you throw in there like pasta, and rice since they can become slightly bigger when coming in contact with water.

It goes without saying that materials like metal, sponges, and plastic are not welcome here. For all your plumbing needs, trust Indigo Home Services to provide expert guidance and assistance, so you can avoid potential kitchen disasters caused by clogged drains from throwing the wrong materials down the sink.

Close Off Water Pipes During Winter

Without a doubt, one of the most frequent mistakes made by people when it comes to the piping system is forgetting to close off the pipes during winter and sub-zero temperatures. Anyone who knows anything about the water and ice is aware that water who froze will expand. This means that your pipes will be able to have so little of it inside them before it completely collapses. With all the pipes breaking, you can have an idea of how much the repair of this system is going to cost. Naturally, you will need to invest a significant amount of money in order to repair it. The price will heavily depend on the size of your home, or more precisely, the size of the system. Also, the volume of damage will play a crucial role.

Know the Location of Underground Part of the System

We can see that many people have some kind of underground piping system. This means that they have some kind of lawn sprinklers around their yard. This is a very useful thing that can help you with preserving your yard in the best possible state. However, this is a system that can stumble across some faults over time. The reason is that you can easily forget about it since it’s nor crucial for your home. Also, we can see that something like this exists when someone has a pool or some other water system underground. Therefore, you need to be perfectly aware of its location and check it frequently in order to prevent it from breaking.

Know Where System’s Main Valve Is

In case you have a system that can be shut off by turning a single valve off, then you should be aware of its location. That way you can prevent further damage even when something starts. By closing off the water system, you will be able to save some parts of your system before it goes hiatus. This can be a life-saver when your system in a state of immediate danger. It will both save your system from collapsing completely and save you the money you would be required to invest in a repair. Therefore, you should know where its located and how you can turn it off in the shortest amount of time possible.