Entering a treatment program is an essential step to healing yourself and changing your future. However, when you enter a treatment center, there are things you can bring and things you can’t. You need to be aware of these issues so you don’t get in trouble for bringing something treatment that you shouldn’t. The basic premise of an addiction treatment program is to help you heal from your addiction. Because of this, you have a list of items meant to aid your recovery rather than hinder it.

What You Can Bring

Each addiction treatment center has a specific list of what you can bring. However, this is what most want you to bring with you. You should have a list of names and phone numbers of those you wish to have involved in your treatment journey. You can wear a wedding ring or watch, but everything else should be left at home as far as jewelry goes. You will need an alarm clock that doesn’t have a radio or prescription medication. However, it would help if you had the label intact.

Bring your checkbook, at least one hundred dollars in small bills, and your debit card. These are for vending machines, store runs, and things of that nature. You also need an insurance card and a calling card to make calls. The last items you will need are a notebook or journal and stamps if you want to write home.

What Clothing Is Appropriate For An Addiction Treatment Program


You should bring seven days’ worth of clothing for your addiction treatment program. It would help if you had shoes for activities, slippers and flip flops, and a pair of regular sneakers for everyday wear. You can have shirts and cardigans to wear with them and pants or shorts that fall within the right length. Bring a dress or fancier outfit for family night, special occasions, and some socks to stay warm. The only other things you need are bedtime clothing and a swimsuit.

What You Shouldn’t Bring

The addiction treatment program that you will enter will prohibit certain items. This is to keep you and the others in the center safe. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed, and you cannot have any prohibited prescriptions. Weapons of any kind are also never allowed in any capacity. You are not allowed to bring video games, revealing clothing, or anything that can be used to hurt people. Ultimately, there should be no distractions between you and your recovery.

Your Recovery Is The Most Important

Your recovery is the most critical area for you to focus on. Because of that, the addiction treatment program has rules about what you can and can’t bring. If you get something prohibited, they will mail it home to your family. You’ll be alone when you’re admitted, so they will ship anything you need home to your loved ones. Packing for a program like this will be easy if you keep in mind what we have shown you above. From here, you’ll be ready to beat your addiction as soon as possible.