If you’re an owner of an organization, you are probably thinking about changing the adhesive labels on your packaging. And if you did a little research to get motivated and to come up with an innovative idea for the design, you may have ended up feeling completely confused and stressed about what you need to do.

But, the entire process doesn’t have to be daunting and complex, instead, it can be quite easy, particularly if you keep the right tips in mind. What tips should you remember? Well, the article below can help. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 tips you should remember when printing labels:

1. Opt For a Simpler And Cleaner Design


Your goal might be improving the customers’ experience and if so, you might want to keep your design, image, and font as simple and clear as you can. When there is a lot of things on the design, it might be difficult for people to learn what it is and you’ll certainly not want people standing for minutes squinting and trying to figure out what is on the packaging.

For example, a messy one can throw off the individuals that always read the nutritional values first. Hence, try and create a design that is easy to read, as well as one that will feature all of the necessary information – if you do not, people might simply opt for purchasing the same product, but from another brand.

2. Carefully Think About Adding Colors to The Design

As you already know, colors are the thing on your packaging that attracts attention, which means that shoppers will probably stop and look at a particular product just because of the nice color popping out. But, you’ll need to use it wisely if you want it to work for your goods. Firstly, remember that you should avoid a lot of colors clashing since they might not go well together.

Instead, you’ll need to keep the color complementary and consistent. If you are, for instance, selling candy with the taste of strawberry, you should use the colors connected to the product, hence, you’ll want to use red, pink, and so on. A pop of color is always good and it will make your product stand out from the crowd.

3. Choosing The Right Font is Crucial


If you opt for a font that is widely used by people, it will simply look like the first thing you chose, which further means that your customers might think that you put little effort into the design. Additionally, you should not use a lot of different fonts, instead, you should choose two since it’ll be easier to read everything on the pack.

It is best if you choose a font that you already use for your business, mostly because you can increase your brand awareness since people will recognize it easily. Last, but not least important is the size of the font. You do not want it to be small since people won’t be able to read it, instead, keep it at a readable size.

4. Choose A Reliable Printing Company

Once you get some basic ideas of how your design will look like, your next step is searching for a reliable label printing company. Luckily for all people, there are a lot of companies such as Labels123 that you can find online, hence, once you have a list of potential candidates, compare the prices and services in order to determine which one might suit your needs best.

5. Opt For a Weird Shape


You might be selling bottled beverages, and if so, you might want to opt for a label shape that is unusual. Why? Well, like everything else, it can attract the attention of people walking by. Most companies use the standard rectangular and circle labels, but it does not mean that you should as well.

So, before you choose a weird label, ensure that you think about your packaging. Consider whether or not it will fit the container you are planning on using, and more importantly, you’ll want to think about and try the label in order to see how it will look like. If it does not fit, it is not really worth it.

6. High-Quality Materials Are a Necessity


No matter how good your label design is, it won’t matter unless it is made from high-quality materials. By choosing better materials for your products, you’ll be able to make a good impression with the customers that are using your product for the first time. Keep in mind your products represent your business and you, hence, ensure that you keep the quality consistent.

Besides allowing your goods to look better, high-quality materials will last longer, which means that your label won’t peel off, tear easily, nor will the colors fade. This all means that it is worth investing a little bit extra on your labels, especially since it brings so many benefits for you as a business owner.

7. Place Your Contact Info

Individuals that have tried your product might want to leave a review on your website, which is why you might want to consider adding your contact information to your goods. Not only will you gain new reviews, but, you’ll also be able to improve the transactions on your official website. Now, no matter if the reviews are good or bad, you can use them to your advantage. Keep in mind, learning what your customers think about your product is an important element to success.



As you can see, there are various tips that you must keep in mind when creating the perfect label that you’ll print out and use for your company. Not only will the tips above assist you with making everything easier and simpler, but, you’ll also gain a new packaging option that’ll attract the attention of various people.

So, now that you’re aware of all the tips you should remember and utilize, you really should not lose time. Instead, go back to the beginning of this article and start with the initial tip mentioned – which is coming up with a design that is simple and clean, yet one that will prove to be beneficial for you.