Nowadays, one cannot imagine a day without a mobile phone. We all became so dependent on mobile devices, which today can do almost anything, from checking the bus schedule to buying cryptocurrencies.

What mobile devices cannot function without are certainly mobile applications, which have positioned themselves in this industry as one of the principal resources that certainly brings the largest profit. According to statistics, each person in the world installs an average amount of 40 applications every year, which leads to an incredible total number of over 350 billion installations.

As the development of applications represents a real search for gold, it is only a matter of time until a new one appears and causes a global hype, and also brings vast profit to its developers. The market for mobile applications will only continue to grow and develop in 2024, and in this article, we will look at some trends that could be very interesting. For those who want more info, have some good ideas, or need help in developing mobile applications, check out KitelyTech, where you can find everything on this topic.

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1. Virtual Reality (VR)


Although virtual reality (VR) is nothing new and exclusive, it is believed that the rapid growth of this technology will start this year. As some experts on this matter say, soon, the impossible will become possible, and the boundaries of the real will move to unimaginable heights. VR technology is directly connected to fast and stable connections, and this year, the expectations are that a large number of operators will implement a 5G network.

2. 5G

As for the 5G network, one thing is for sure – the download speed of this network will be 100 times faster than on the fastest 4G network. It means that with 5G, the users will be able to watch HD movies directly while downloading them in real-time.

The higher speed brings with it the possibility of connecting the devices to each other over long distances, so it will be possible to perform remote operations. That means the patient can be in one city, and the surgeon in another with the help of VR technology. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of opportunities opened up by such innovations and this ultra-fast 5G network.

3. Blockchain


Blockchain is not developed only for cryptocurrency trade, and it is so much more. In the last two years, there have been many ups and downs of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the stock market. The real truth is that more and more companies are accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, from sports bookmakers to airlines and real estate agencies. It is quite certain that in the next year, the blockchain will show many ways in which we can use it.

One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is the fact that blockchain databases are secure and can never be changed, which is ideal for highly sensitive data such as data from the medical and educational sectors.

4. Instant Apps

One of the major problems currently in this industry is certainly regarding the memory of mobile phones and the space that applications take up.  If you are one of those who are struggling with space on the memory card, then you will be happy when you hear that your problems have come to an end with instant apps. This type of apps requires neither download nor installation. They are bookmarked and appear on your phones similar to pages on a web browser. Despite the fact that they are not actually on the device, they have all the functions as standard versions, and at the same time, they work much faster.

5. Artificial intelligence (AI)


Artificial intelligence is far from a fresh novelty on the technological world stage, but 2024 promises its fastest development so far. It is artificial intelligence, and especially chatbots, which are its product, that will considerably influence the development of applications and everything they provide to users.

6. Chatbots

When it comes to chatbots, the best thing is that they represent enormous savings for companies that include them in their apps, along with the improved user experience. That is quite significant because the experience gets more natural and relaxed, which makes chatbots an excellent trend in the world of apps in 2024 for both business and users. There are already the first types of this kind of apps on the market, and it is quite clear that with the implementation of 5G technology, they will become even more popular. All in all, the New Year seems to be a great year for mobile application development.

7. Augmented Reality (AR)


In augmented reality, you are not in a different world. Your world remains the same, but AR adds something that was not there before. You usually watch the world through the camera of your smartphone or tablet, and the AR app adds something to that.

AR- and VR-enabled mobile apps have a huge impact on gaming and video arenas. In 2024, we will see the AR and VR association for other practical purposes such as health, education, navigation, and more. Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi are planning a partnership to launch AR smartphones. At the same time, big technology giants like Google and Apple are working on innovative ideas. For example, Google is focusing on the AR feature for Google Maps, which could help cameras with directions.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a term that refers to billions of physical devices around the world equipped with sensors and software, which are currently connected to the Internet to collect and share data. These devices enable the so-called Digital intelligence, which means that they are allowed to use the required data at the appropriate time without human participation, with the help of which devices can regulate their work themselves. The best example of IoT is the Smart Home System.

9. Cloud mobile apps


Cloud-based mobile applications are the solution for limited ROM. They work from a remote server and, at the same time, store data on the server. It is an application that you can download without being on your smartphone. In 2024, mobile app developers are leaning toward developing cloud apps, much like Google Drive and Dropbox.

10. M-commerce

With more and more people using their phones for purchasing various items, M-commerce is becoming the new e-commerce. The tech giants like Google and Apple also encourages this type of shopping, and e-commerce businesses are also advancing and switching to m-commerce way of doing business.

The development of mobile applications progresses with the emergence of new trends every year. Those mentioned above are just a handful in the world of mobile app development. Who knows, and maybe in 2024, some new technology will appear and take over the tech market. One thing is sure, the future of mobile apps development is fascinating, and the dynamics of mobile apps are just starting to change!