Life in the modern age has many advantages. Our daily routines are greatly facilitated by the existence of numerous home appliances, vehicles and modern technology. The professions we are dealing with are increasingly different from those of ten years ago, they are completely new and have never been seen before.

The advantages of new occupations are numerous, but they also have their disadvantages. As we know, nothing is perfect and modern life brings us various benefits, but it often takes away the most important thing, and that is health. It is known that today’s people, all over the world, live similarly.

The world has become a global place, so the differences in lives, habits, and therefore health problems, have become very similar, no matter what meridian you are on. Sitting at computers, in offices, or at home, many hours of regular and overtime work, pollution of water, land and air, which affects not only urban areas.

Also increasingly poor quality of food and water, not only microbiological but also less nutritive, due to long and excessive depletion… All these are factors that have a detrimental effect on human health. These are proven truths and a proven problem that affects the population of the entire globe.

What is monoatomic gold?

Due to such, more and more frequent problems, there is a lot of research and talk about raising immunity. A supplement is being sought on all sides that could significantly help raise the general immunity of our organism.

One of the immunostimulants is Ormus. Many mysteries and speculations surround it, and the fact is that it existed in ancient times, in Mesopotamia and Egypt and was named Cleopatra`s milk. Ormus is a monoatomic element (monoatomic gold). It is an orbitally rearranged monoatomic element, increasingly known in the world of alternative and quantum medicine.

It is considered to have an exceptional effect on the whole organism, it must be stored at room temperature and used strictly according to instructions. It exists in a certain percentage, as a component of our brain, skin, nails, DNA and other tissues.

Following are the aspects of the immune system that are affected by it:



It is the only, so far, known element that can change the structure of our DNA. So it is possible to correct irregularities and genetic errors, which can bring us disease in the future.

The miraculous effect of Ormus could affect the reparation of our DNA chains and thus prevent inherited and acquired diseases that threaten us. Such an action would be a huge step towards future research in the field of medicine and many other sciences, many lives would be saved and many diseases would be forever overcome and eliminated.



It is known that stress, many hours of work, night work, anxiety, … cause sleep disorders, and then insomnia. Problems with falling asleep, waking up early, interrupted sleep … grow into insomnia, an increasingly severe and worsening form of sleep disorders.

High mental and psychological daily loads, resulting in difficulty, sometimes no sleep, and this problem significantly lowers our immunity. Sound sleep is one of the most important aspects of building our immunity, and if we miss it, we will soon slip into illness. It should not be forgotten that many electronic devices, which every house has, act to reduce the secretion of melatonin, a hormone necessary for good sleep.



As we mentioned in the introduction, pollution of all living resources is hard to avoid. All of nature is connected, so that heavy metal particles have been found even in ice, at the North Pole. Everything that surrounds us is not encouraging at all.

Plastics, chemicals, antibiotics in food, combustion products, acid rain and poisoned watercourses… result in frequent illnesses in all parts of the world. Detoxification is done in various ways, and Ormus is one of them. It has an exceptional ability to expel toxins from the body.

It improves the work of the liver and kidneys, which filter your body and help them stay healthy, as important vital organs. Thus, the whole organism is purified, releases waste and toxins, becomes healthier and longer lasting.



We all notice the signs of aging on ourselves and we would like to slow it down, and maybe even eliminate it, at least for a while. Ormus can help in this area as well. Its unique composition, which affects the better functioning of the whole organism and immune system, improves circulation, secretion of hormones, and thus better appearance of skin, hair, better muscle tone, mobility and elasticity of joints…

Also affects rapid healing of injuries, wrinkle correction, and some experiences say that it even slows down the growth of gray hair.

Mental activities


With all the benefits of a strong immune system, a healthy body and a youthful appearance, we must not neglect mental activities and stimulation of our brain cells, as the main coordinator of our vital functions.

Ormus helps not only to maintain the brain condition and flexibility of our reactions and opinions, but also affects the acquisition of new knowledge, rapid learning and preservation of all centers necessary for life and activities. The influence of Ormus on these centers of our organism is extremely important.

Fight against viruses and bacteria


The importance of good immunity is always reflected in how it copes with common viruses, bacteria and seasonal colds, flu and sneezes. We all know the discomfort of a sore throat, red noses that are constantly leaking, watery eyes and dull headaches and fever.

Proper and prolonged use of Ormus contributes to the building of the defense mechanisms of our body and guarantees us that we will be ready for the cold and virus season ready, with little chance of getting sick. It feels good that your plans, during the winter, will not be ruined by a sudden attack of illness, which will bring us to bed.


There are numerous benefits no one can dispute. It is an unusual product that acts on many vital aspects of our body. It deserves your attention, to find out about it, consult with experts, and then try it on yourself.

Its huge potential in raising your immunity, health, life energy, and without bad effects and harmful effects, will certainly affect your general satisfaction with your life.