Ever since cannabis was legalized in many places around the world, its use for medical purposes has spread and a lot of people have found it a very effective way to deal with some of their problems.

Still, there are some drawbacks that cannabis cannot escape from, and they are often related to one of its main compounds: THC. Also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, it is the compound that provides cannabis with its psychoactive side-effects which leads to getting stoned.

For people who only see cannabis as a form of treatment, and do not use it for recreational purposes, finding a better and safer alternative to use in workdays had become a must. Here’s where CBD comes into play, and how a grape soda hemp flower from Cheef Botanicals might be the best choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

This article will be a simple guide on the benefits of cannabis and CBD, how to hemp flowers are used, some alternatives you can pick from besides hemp flowers. Visit to know more about CBD.

Understanding Medical Cannabis


There’s a lot of people who don’t know how medical cannabis actually works, so I’m going to provide a simple explanation to help people understand why it has gained a lot of popularity as an alternative method of treatment.

Back in the day, and I’m talking about ancient times even before the current society was established, cannabis was used as a method to relieve pain and help people with stress and insomnia. It was introduced to our culture back in 1800, and it was used similarly to how it is used now: through smoking, eating it, or drinking it.

Still, there are some things to talk about smoked marijuana that you can get to know here

Cannabis and marijuana contain two main components, THC and CBD, and they are both capable of influencing a rather new field of research inside the human body known as the endocannabinoid system.

This system is a compound of several receptors that are capable of directly and indirectly affecting a lot of functions of the body. As it is right now, research has proven that the endocannabinoid system is able to affect the five senses, memory, reaction times, focus, as well as how we perceive the world and social interactions.

THC is able to mess up with these receptors in a way that might overwhelm them, making sensations much stronger, sharping our senses while dulling them at the same, as well as making us feel more appetite, among many other side-effects. This can affect people in their everyday activities, and that is the reason why some people opt to use CBD.

CBD Hemp Flowers as a Cannabis Alternative


Also named cannabidiol, this compound is the second most present compound found in the cannabis plant, but it is the dominant one in the hemp plant, a derivation of cannabis that contains really low levels of THC.

The reason why people opt for hemp flowers is that it doesn’t get them high and yet provide benefits the same way cannabis does, helping them with the pain caused by several diseases and conditions, as well as helping reduce inflammation in people who suffer from arthritis and similar problems. Migraine is a condition very difficult to cope with. When diagnosed, one has to go through testing different medications to see what works and what doesn’t. By the time the correct therapy is found, all other stuff that was consumed has left so many side-effects, causing yet another problem. In reducing pain caused by migraine, CBD is more than helpful.

The efficiency of the oil has been proven even in cases of professional athletes, such as MMA fighters. As they are exposed to heavy training and combating on daily basis, it’s hard to maintain the body as unharmed as possible. Injuries and muscular swelling are the challenges they face all the time. In order to speed up the recovery, many have turned to use CBD based products. It comes in various forms, such as ointments and creams, which are very helpful in reducing local swelling and pain as well. Above, all it’s completely natural, and won’t leave any side effects. Being exposed to such a tempo often results in difficulties sleeping. People who have used CBD to ensure good quality sleep are more than satisfied with the result they’ve experienced. No more tossing and turning.

No need to mention how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. It automatically affects your energy levels and focus, in the days that come.


Compared to many other types of drugs and medicines used to deal with similar problems that cause very heavy side-effects, cannabidiol products, and hemp flowers are able to alleviate and benefit with very harmless after-effects, which can be dealt with by consuming the right dosage.

Depending on the way of consumption, these side-effects can go from diarrhea, to dry mouth, red eyes, excessive drowsiness, vomit, and dizziness. Still, they are easily avoidable if you know the right dosage. There are many factors that influence the dosage, such as the type of the product used and the percentage of the oil inside of it, the constitution of a person, and so on. It’s important to know how one will react to CBD, highly depends on the person as well, so there’s not universal advice to follow. Another thing is what you want to achieve. Not every condition or pain can be treated with the same dosage, which is why the effects one would like to reach can be divided into three categories: dosage for a mild effect, intermediate effect, and strong effect dosage.

How fast the effects will take place depends on whether they are consumed locally, via a vaporizer, as pills, or sublingual. Also, how long the effects will last, highly depends on the way it’s being used. Sometimes, when taking orally, a lot of the precious compound can be lost in the digestive system. However, no need to worry, each product comes with the dosage manual.

For hemp flowers, which can be smoked, eaten, or brewed, finding the right dosage might be a little difficult. It will depend on what kind of product you’ve bought since not all of them have the same CBD percentage. Once you get into it, you’ll learn to decipher it yourself, for example, if the package says the percentage is 15%, you can way down one gram of flower, to be sure it contains 150 mg of oil per gram. This is a very simple explanation, just to illustrate how you can handle it yourself when you’re not sure enough.


However, the benefit of a hemp flower is that you can use it in many different ways depending on your mood, and you can save them for a long time, in comparison to edibles. You simply store the same way you would store fresh tea leaves.

They are also more attractive to use than your most common CBD product, oils. If smoked, you can either vape it, use it on a bong, or smoke it as you would smoke marijuana. Hemp flowers with flavors such as the one mentioned before with grape soda flavor can be used for brewing but might be a little difficult to use for baking and cooking so take that into consideration. Vaping equipment can also be very appealing to the consumers, because of all the creative shapes they’ve been inventing.

Overall, what’s so great about them is their flexibility, so you can be a little creative with them, and even use it in your pets as long as you go for the right dosage. Always stall with small doses, and go up from there if needed.