As technology advanced, so did many new ways to forger something come to life, and our personal info has never been at so much risk. The old saying goes, “You can’t be too careful,” and today, that is as true as it can be, which is why no matter if we want to buy something online, apply for some new job, or while screening new tenants, it is necessary to have all the possible info so that we can be sure nothing unexpected can occur.

The last one is what most landlords often just take a look at, without thorough examination, which is something that no landlord should do, and for many reasons. One of the main things that you want to know about your tenants is whether they can afford to pay the rent, and during the screening process, asking for a paystub is the most common thing.

With that said, you can clearly see why forging them happens often, and if one is not careful enough, they might get stuck with the tenant who is not able to pay the rent, which further can lead to so many new problems. All this is a reason why we will further discuss and try to make it easier for you to recognize fake check stubs.

Not enough basic information


Read the document carefully because any lack of basic information is a sign that something may be wrong. Every paystub needs to have the name of the applicant, their address, company’s name, and of course deductions, gross pay, and net pay. The taxes also need to be listed somewhere in the paystub, and usually, the information is repeated several times.

Read the document carefully to make sure that there is no relevant information is missing. Trust your guts, and if you think that something is wrong, check it twice because you are probably right. If there is any information missing, it can be a sign that you got the generated document, and the best thing is to ignore it in that situation.

It looks unprofessional


One of the first signs that you are being played is if the paystub looks unclear. That is why you should keep in mind that professionals created every single one of them, and since that’s the case, they shouldn’t be messy or incomprehensible. If there is any information missing, and if it’s not looking like the authentic document, in most cases, that is a sign that it is a fake one.

The original paystub needs to have all the numbers, characters, and lines lined evenly. It should not contain some blurry text or unique fonts. Besides that, every word must be properly spelled, and every decimal needs to be in the right place. The document should be written in such a manner so that any person can easily read and understand it.

If you notice even the slightest mistake, there is a high possibility that it is not the original. There is no such thing as some fancy colored letters or even some effects, which may look nice and interesting, is what paystub shouldn’t look like, as it should be precise and concise. It should be a legal document, and like that, there are some rules about the way one needs to be written.

Using round numbers


Round numbers can be the first sign of alarm, so paying close attention to them can be crucial. It is practically impossible for someone to be paid in a perfectly round amount. That is because after deducting all taxes, the amount that remains cannot be perfectly rounded. Therefore, the appearance of such numbers is a sign that something is wrong. What this usually means is that you are dealing with fake pay stubs.

Check everything that does not seem right before you make a mistake, and keep in mind that a real paystub will never come with perfectly rounded numbers, but it will always look professional and readable.

Mixing zeros and letters o


We must all agree that this error is not something we can expect when a document is compiled and verified by professionals. That is why it is pretty important to pay attention to it. Mixing the letter o with zeros can often happen if someone is trying to deceive you using some untrusty and unverified software, and that can only mean that the document you received is not valid.

Such a mistake will never happen to a professional in charge of compiling a paystub, so its appearance is one of the sure signs that something is wrong. Mixed letters and numbers in combination with round amounts can be an undeniable sign that something is wrong, and it is necessary to read each document carefully before any action.

Do a quick calculation


It’s not just that there might be some O’s mixed with zeros, as even though the paystub can look professional, have all the necessary info, and written without any mistake, what every landlord should always do is to check if the math is correct.

When scoping through paystub, calculate figures, and check if everything adds up since it can often happen that even though every decimal is in the right place, the math itself might be incorrect. It is a simple way to detect a fake, and it will not take too much of your time but can be of great importance.

The bottom line

Everything mentioned above should be of great help in noticing whether you are getting scammed or not, and by following this advice on what to look for, what every paystub must have, and what it should not consist of can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress.

That is why, once again, one can’t be careful enough these days, and since paystub is something we often need and use, everyone should know how to spot and know the difference between the original and the fake one.

For those who want more info on this topic and want to find out how to make check real paystubs, check, where you will find all the information you might need, and much more.