One of the many reasons Dewalt work jackets are among a workman’s best tools is their insulated design that’s been helping keep outdoor workers of all stripes warm and cozy while on the job for decades. Some Dewalt work jackets offer a double layer of protection from the elements by an interior fleece, followed by an exterior that’s water and wind resistant.

Other jackets, on the other hand, offer an internal heating system via electricity-fed coils, usually made from copper. These coils are heated when an external pack (in Dewalt’s case) is plugged into the unit, giving them an electrical current that heats the copper wiring, providing heat to the wearer.

Dewalt’s heated jacket line is becoming one of the most popular forms of Dewalt work jackets out there! Dewalt’s heated jackets are designed to last for an eight-hour shift, largely because of their heating capacity and longevity – while there is some variation based on heating amounts over time.

The Warmth of Dewalt’s Traditional Work Jackets

Dewalt makes various work clothing – from hoodies to reflective insulated jackets. These jackets and hoodies are supposed to be used in conjunction with each other if the temperatures dictate it.


Throw on a Dewalt hoodie, followed by one of their fleece-lined insulated Dewalt work jackets for colder temperatures! Expect that combination to keep you warm in temperatures of at least 0°C. While the information on the R-value of Dewalt work jackets is hard to come by, layering is the key to staying warm in cold weather.

The Warmth of Dewalt’s Heated Jackets

For anything than -5°C, you’ll want to spend the money and invest in one of Dewalt’s heated work jackets or a heated work hoodie to pair with an insulated jacket – or a heated work jacket if you’re working in temperatures below -10°C.

There’s one standout performer from Dewalt’s heated line of Dewalt work jackets.

Dewalt Heavy-Duty DCHJ076

This is one of Dewalt’s finest heated work jackets! The heavy-duty DCHJ076 features five heated zones that cover the upper left and right chest, upper back, and both armpits. These have a typical run time of around eight hours when plugged into their charging unit and five hours when not plugged in.

One of the best things about this heated Dewalt work jacket is its insulated fleece lining for extra warmth and water- and wind-resistant exterior. Your heavy-duty Dewalt work jacket will keep you warm at about -10°C. If you’re working in temperatures below that, consider pairing it with a heated Dewalt hoodie and using both simultaneously.

A heated Dewalt work jacket’s internal temperature normally reaches around 55°C in about 90 seconds when the heating elements are turned on and placed on a ‘high’ setting. However, don’t expect your Dewalt jacket to run at 55°C on high constantly. To prevent burning out your Dewalt work jacket, consider turning the temperature up and down based on your body heat and comfort levels throughout the day.


Whether you’re using a heated hoodie/heated jacket combo or just a heated jacket on top of your regular work clothing, the additional heat provided by a heated Dewalt work jacket will keep you comfortably warm for the length of your shift, regardless of your environment!