Finding and contacting an inmate in a county prison system can often be confusing and needlessly difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of guides to help you regardless of the county in which the inmate is being held.

This guide will answer some basic questions about the Harris County jail system, such as how to perform a Harris County inmate search and the visitation rules.

1. How do I look up an inmate at Harris County Jail?

To perform a Harris County inmate search, you have two options: go directly to the Harris County jail website or call the jail directly. When trying to complete a Harris County inmate search, you will need their full first and last name, sex, date of birth, and their system person number, or SPN.

2. How do I send a package to an inmate?

To send a package to an inmate, you must get prior authorization from the prison administration. Additionally, the item must meet the list of approved items that inmates can receive. Contact the specific jail where the inmate resides for the complete list of items allowed.


When sending a package to an inmate, you will need to enter this information:

  • Inmate Name,
  • Inmate ID
  • 1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX, 77002

3. Can I send money to an inmate?

Yes, you can send money to an inmate, which they will receive in their commissary account. The money can be in cash, check, and money orders. If you want to deliver the money directly, it can be done at the prison’s administrative office.

Make sure you input the correct information on the check or money order. You must write the inmate’s ID and the full name used in the prison record on the back of the slip.

4. What are the rules regarding inmate phone calls?


Inmates have a list of approved people they can make phone calls to, whom they can call between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The cost of the phone call must be accepted and paid by the one receiving the phone call from the inmate. The length of the call can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the volume.

5. What are the rules regarding visitation?

First, you must register yourself into the inmate’s visitor list in order to be granted visitation rights. We recommend confirming with the prison administration that you are on the list and the inmate is allowed visitors at this time before entering the jail.

To qualify for visitation, you must not have a prior felony, and you will need a valid government-issued ID. Also, if a minor under 16 wants to visit, they must be supervised by a legal guardian.

Start With The Online Harris County Inmate Search


Before making plans to send a package or visit an inmate in jail, we recommend going to the website and performing a Harris County inmate search to get all the proper information. This will ensure you are complying with all the rules.