Almost every professional sports gambler knows how to bet on multiple sports because sometimes the odds are too good to miss. It doesn’t matter which sport you choose to follow, even NASCAR odds can be great for the right person. Understanding the sport is enough to start doing your research.

The amount of time you dedicate to one bet will affect the outcome of it, but you need to know what is important to check. It’s not enough just to look at the statistics of the past matches, every piece of information can be valuable if you use it properly.

Start With What You Like

The best piece of advice that you will get is to bet on what you follow and like the most. Of course, this is much different than watching the sport because you like it. You shouldn’t look at the match as a fan because you will make bets that are not rational. This is a common mistake every gambler makes at the beginning.

You should bet on what you like to watch only because it takes a lot of time and effort to learn the players and clubs. If you are not a dedicated person when it comes to work or tasks, it will be much easier to do it if you love the sport.

Basketball and Player Points


There are many basketball fans that know the players like they are best friends. This is a common thing in NBA because games are played every day and the players are constantly being watched. Even from a young age, you can get to know the player and you can build an opinion based on what you saw.

Betting on how many points a certain player will or won’t make is one of the most played bets in basketball. But, the current form isn’t the only thing you should look at before making a bet. Things from private life also matter because they can affect how they will play that day.

Tennis Player Points

In tennis, the most popular thing to bet on besides the winner is the number of points that will be made in the whole match. One of the reasons why professional gamblers love tennis is that it’s a one-player game. You don’t need to do a bunch of statistics and analytics because only 2 people are responsible for the outcome.

Every player has a bad game and sometimes it’s easy to figure out when the best will lose. This is the best opportunity to jump on a great odd and make a profit. In 2024 a lot will change when it comes to tennis and the ATP list.

Number of Goals


Besides being played by more than 250 million people around the world, the way soccer is played is different in every country. The rules are always the same but some leagues score more goals on average than others. You can use this to your advantage and focus only on leagues that have a lot of goals per game.

These are usually lower-ranked leagues but you can also focus on teams from your country. It will be much easier to acquire info about the games and there will probably be more bets that you can make. Don’t bet on your favorite team because you will always lean towards their side.

Build a Strategy

There’s no reason to start betting on sports without having a proper strategy. Watching games and betting randomly will only make you lose money so figure out a strategy based on the sport you bet on. You can find a lot of strategies online and books that you can read but the best one should be built by you.

Every strategy should be based on the league, team, or player that you follow. Sometimes this means that you will only make a bet on the weekends when soccer games are played. You might focus only on a few players if you love NBA. But, every proper strategy should include a split budget so you can play for at least a month without winning.