Ever heard of chip-turning before? It is a process that is mostly known to drivers, as well as men who love to transform their cars and their vehicles over time. Well, if you do decide to make a new decision and you want to deal with a different outcome in the near future, understand that there are always pros & cons to this method.

Once done properly and the right way you will probably experience better power consumption, among some other things such as cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency. Keep on reading and understand all there is to it!

What is chip-tuning & what are its perks?


You can get it and enjoy it properly after setting it up on your own and with most models of cars. Tuning chips are designed for diesel engines to boost both engine performance and fuel economy. These are a bit complex to install for some people, which is why they are left in the hand of professionals. Once done the right way this item will increase the performance of your vehicle. Here are some of the most common and popular perks and pros when it comes to this:

  • It is not too pricey
  • Overall easy to set-up
  • Doesn’t damage your car
  • You can always (and easily) go to the original state of your car

If you’re someone who loves fast cars, you know how to control your vehicle + you’re looking for that quick and easy booster you might want to get the chip turner.

What you should know about ECU tuning


ECU means that you get to see and control how much air and fuel enters the engine. ECU allows you to put a lot of air into the chamber and with ease. As you do this step, the more power you will have. Mostly its air-fuel ratio is set to be lower than it needs and in its original setup since this is what it needs in the long run and for proper longevity. You can modify this in a tech way and approach it either through the Onboard Diagnostics port, or when trying the bench-tuning.

Pros of ECU tuning

  1. Full control that you will enjoy over your car
  2. Easy tuning properties
  3. Maximises the fuel efficiency
  4. You can increase the rev limit

Cons of ECU tuning

  1. This is a permanent set-up, which means more work & a harder process to follow. You will have to take the car back to your repairman or the tuner to make those changes.
  2. Tricky to do if your car has been bought through an authorized dealer, which can make it harder to sell.

What you should know about piggyback tuning


Ever heard of this term before? This is another tuning option that may interest you. It is an alternative next to the ECU. This system has a different principle where there is no reprogramming. Piggyback is added to the ECU through its practical box. It taps into electronic signals and changes the data to help you produce a lot more power.

Pros of piggyback tuning

  1. It is a reversible process that is way easier to install or remove.
  2. It won’t affect your warranty.
  3. You can re-install it on your own
  4. Won’t make a difference in the value of your car and its price.
  5. Cheaper solution than the ECU.

Cons of piggyback tuning

  1. Every car is a story in itself, as well as a challenge. Their performance can vary a lot depending on the age, manufacturer, as well as wear & tear.
  2. You won’t have a tune that is specific to your particular car.
  3. Not as powerful as it is with ECU

What are the top three most-asked questions when it comes to chip tuning


When do you need it?

This is quite individual and different for every person and for every car. You should want to increase the engine’s performance and you should be interested in optimizing your electronics. Ideal & best results are usually achieved through a turbocharger, different injection nozzles, etc. If you are ready for this step mentally & financially you should go for it and tune up your car per your preference and your needs.

Is it practical for an everyday drive after you do it?

Yes, your vehicle will be easy and safe to drive around the neighborhood.  Just be well aware of its acceleration feature and power before you hit the pedal. It is more so about the adrenaline rush and an overall loud experience for most individuals and drivers.

What is the process in itself like?

This is done in a couple of steps (but can depend on one person to the other, and it depends on your chosen service). First, you should read out the error memory. Next comes a visual inspection of your car and your engine. If there are no malfunctions or leaks you should read the original software and begin the process.

In case something is off you should first get it to your mechanic and ask them to fix any errors. Optimization through special maps is the next step. Flashing of the data to the engine control unit. A test drive follows. That’s all there is to it. The process is simple, easy, practical & not as time-consuming.

Where to enjoy this service?


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