You need a lot of equipment when working on your construction site to make your project a success. However, your project can halt when your equipment breaks down, wasting time and more expenses.

Additionally, you can undergo losses due to the breakdown that can lead to damage to your project and injuries to your operators that can be expensive to treat. This article will explore cost-effective maintenance tips for heavy trucks.

Regular Servicing

Some of the breakdowns of these heavy trucks can be expensive to replace. However, will regular reservicing and preventive maintenance, you can prolong the life of the trucks and increase their efficiency.

One of the most profitable ways to do this is installing software such as construction CRM that helps you monitor your equipment and take a repair schedule if they need one. With this software, you can monitor different equipment on different sites and get accurate data about them. Always keep a schedule for servicing perishable parts like hydraulic cylinders, brake pads, and pumps.

Even when the tracks seem fine, always conduct regular checkups. The software can help monitor the life of the equipment and store data for recent repairs and anticipation for the following breakdown. This will help you be alert and prepared.

Routinely Change the Engine Oil and Filter


You must routinely change the engine oil and filters to maintain and prolong your trucks. When working on a construction site, your equipment is often subjected to heavy workload, debris, and dust from the environment that can easily contaminate the engine oil.

This can affect your engines leading to a breakdown that might require replacing a new engine which is often expensive. However, you can avoid this by ensuring clean oil helps protect your truck and is well-lubricated. Additionally, ensure you are using a clean filter to help filter all the dust and debris, which ensures your engine works efficiently.

Check the Exterior Lights

The external lighting of your trucks can be used to know their state and if everything is working efficiently. You can check the light to see if the brakes signal, tail lights, and headlights are working.

When working at night, as most construction projects go, you will save yourself from injuries that could lead to breakdowns and other accidents. This will help prevent unexpected costs.

Check Your Fluid Levels


Apart from checking the engine oil, you must also check on other fluids such as power steering fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. Checking your fluid level is one of the most accessible but vital checkups.

If your truck fluids have dropped to a certain extent, it might indicate a leakage or consumption problem. You can solve the problem, which will help save the expenses you use.

Sell Underutilized Assets

It’s essential to track the functionality of your tracts and other heavy machinery. Suppose there are some underutilized assets that you have; it’s vital to consider selling them. You can use the money to maintain the most utilized machinery.

The underutilized machinery will lose value the more they stay on your construction site, and it will still require you to do constant inspection and maintenance. Selling will reduce maintenance costs and get new capital to invest in other product projects.

End Note!


Most of the maintenance cost for heavy equipment can be reduced if the problem is detected early before it gets worse. Schedule regular maintenance to ensure your equipment is working well.