It’s no secret that slot machines are designed to take your money. But what if there were a way to outsmart them? Believe it or not, there is. Well, kind of. It just takes a bit of know-how and some practice. Here are some tips on how to beat the slots every time.

Understand Slot Machine Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for slots. But there are some basic strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning. First, understand how slot machines work. They’re programmed to pay out a certain percentage of the money they take in. That percentage is called the “payout rate” or “return to player” (RTP). The higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning.

Second, always bet the maximum amount possible. This may seem like common sense, but it’s important to remember that most slot machines have a set payout rate. Betting the maximum amount will give you the best chance of hitting the jackpot.

Third, take advantage of bonuses. These can help you boost your winnings without having to put any extra money in.

Finally, know when to walk away. There’s no shame in taking a loss. If you’re not having fun anymore, it’s time to call it quits.

Play The Right Slots


First things first – don’t play progressive slots. These are the machines with the big jackpots that get bigger and bigger the longer they go without being hit. The problem is that they also have a lower payout rate than other slots. So, while you might be tempted to go for the big prize, you’re better off playing a different type of machine like a Joker Wallet Slot, for example.

Second, look for slot machines with high payouts. Again, this comes down to RTP (the thing we mentioned earlier). The higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning. There are plenty of websites that track RTP rates, so do some research before you start playing.

Finally, don’t get too caught up in graphics and sounds. While these can be fun, they don’t necessarily mean that they’re a good game. For example, just because you’re playing a branded machine with your favourite superheroes doesn’t mean you’ll get superhero jackpots. In reality, you’ll probably lose because those machines are to expensive to make, so game makers usually cut corners in the only place they can – the game itself.

Look For Free Spins

You can’t lose if you don’t bet, right? That’s the thinking behind free spins. These are usually offered as part of a welcome bonus or as a promotion. Basically, you get to spin the reels for free and if you win, you keep the money. But if you lose, well, it didn’t cost you anything so it’s not really a big deal.

This is a great way to try out a new game or practise your skills without risking any of your own money. And who knows, with a bit of luck you might even hit the jackpot!


Sure, there’s no surefire way for you to win every single time, but if you just keep these simple things in mind – you’ll easily stuff your pockets with cash more often than not!