Suppose you would like to have a visa applicable for business entities, corporations, management, and investment in the United States of America. In that case, an EB-5 visa is the most suitable visa for you.

Normally this immigrant visa only applies in the government to those interested in business matters, including entrepreneurs, investors, and a certain group of people.

But as you apply for an EB-5, there are important aspects that you have to consider, including the requirements and eligibility, benefits, and the rules about it. Therefore, we looked for all the factual information about the most important aspects that every applicant must know about the EB-5 Visa application.

Here are the four most important aspects of the EB-5 visa that you have to review and consider.

1. Types of Businesses Qualified


Most of the types of business entities that qualify for the EB-5 visa are sole proprietorships is a type of enterprise that runs only by one person where in between the business entity and owner, there is no legal distinction.

Next is the Limited partnership, wherein one or more parties’ partnership does not have any involvement in the day-to-day business management. The other one is the General partnerships in which all partners contribute to the business’s day-to-day management.

And the last one is Limited Liability Companies. It provides limited liability protection for every member of its business while giving each member plenty of flexibility to define their roles.

2. Requirements and eligibility


There are several requirements needed to submit to get an EB-5 Visa. First, you have to invest more or less than a million dollars.

The lowest minimum cost of investment that you should make must belong to rural areas where the unemployment rate level is high. In comparison, the whole amount of your investment must go actively in buying a business. You have to risk investing because you have to analyze whether the business would be a success or fail, that you may lose your capital, and how to put it up again.

You also have to show validation and verification of your legitimate income source where you get to supply your funds for the company investments and needs. It would be great when you invest in an existing business corporation or newborn business or enterprise. It also permits you to do your own business.

And above all, you have to make sure that your investment directly or indirectly results in creating many sources of job and income.

3. Rules Modernization


Immigration gives all applicants this guide to make their filing and apply for an EB-5 visa much easier, faster, and convenient.

First, every investor should keep the priority dates of their previously EB-5 approved appeal if they desire to file a new set of petitions.

You also have to increase the minimum amount of money that you have to invest to account for inflation. And you should anticipate future adjustments for the benefit of the investment and the State every five years.

You have to engage in the immigration reformation about the unemployment rate in rural areas quoted as “Targeted employment area (TEA).” It would help if you had insights about the subject matter of high unemployment rates, which would affect your investments, business, and work as well.

Based on the current changes in the rules, immigration would directly help the investor to invests in areas most in need and have the highest unemployment rate, which is the main subject defined in the program.

You also have to make brief clarifications about the USCIS process about the dismissal of the permanent residency conditions.

All family members of the investors should make the dismissal of permanent residency’s condition independently.

The immigration updated the rules about the visa and the flexibility of the interview locations by the immigration as well for faster, easier, and convenient processing.

As investors, you also have to make other technical things related to the revisions confirming the revisions.

4. Benefits


A transaction’s benefits could be one of the most important aspects that every investor or applicant is after they get their visa approved. We listed all the possible benefits that you could get when you already have an approved visa, including having a green card, which is very close to the path of citizenship in the United States.

Another thing is that when you have unmarried children under twenty-one years of age and your spouse could also get the same benefit as yours, as an EB-5 investor who is obtaining their green cards. Your children could also have the chance and access to get an education in the United States of America.

If you already have an approved EB-5 visa, then you may don’t need to work for any U.S company that serves as a sponsor. You could work freely without the need for authorization and validation letters from sponsors and live in any County of the United States of America.

It is important to know that every EB-5 applicant should be aware of the aspects they consider when applying for a business visa. Looking further into all the insights about EB-5 visas gives us a hint that it is different from the EB-2 and EB-3 employment visas because it requires you to create your own business and help the most in need in the State.

But you have to know that not all business and investment apply to this visa. The non-profit enterprises and real estate investments do not qualify for filing an EB-5 visa application.

Upon giving you all the most important aspects that an applicant should know about the EB-5 visa, hopefully, it would be a great help for you, especially when this is your first time filing a petition or documents regarding this visa.

We care about your convenience, and we want to help you out to obtain an EB-5 visa. And so, you have to take note of all the things we discuss with you regarding these documents.