When we were young, our dreams were grand and filled with endless possibilities. As we grow, we realize that life isn’t as flowery as we imagined. The harsh reality makes us realize that everything isn’t easy. However, still, some of us hold on to our dreams of having a beautiful home. Even if we have a one-bedroom apartment we still want to make it a dream house.

This can be possible with a farmhouse style interior. It gives a warm feeling and reminds us of our childhood days. Even if your house is on the busy street, you can still make some changes to your interior and furniture to give it a comfortable yet modern look.

Blending east with the west has been a trend for quite many years. If you try using old furniture with modern houses, it gives a new look to the entire house. The style of decorating makes friends and family visit again and again. The interior also reflects your personality and taste.


There isn’t anything as warm as farmhouse style. If you’re tired of a house that looks way too perfect and doesn’t have a warm feeling, then you need to consider the cozy appeal of farmhouse décor. The best thing about the farmhouse style is that the accents and accessories don’t need to be very expensive. The old rustic furniture slightly painted and refurbished can also give a countryside feeling. Older and worn furniture and other metal showpieces give your house the perfect accent.

With furniture and showpieces if you add some farmhouse wall signs on the walls of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom it gives it basic elements of farmhouse style.  provides different options for wall arts to give your house a farmhouse style. They can also customize wall art signs with your names, family tree, etc.


When you’re planning to design or renovate your house the first thing that catches your attention in the living room. This is because it falls at the entrance and whosoever enters the house will first glance at the living room. The living room will tell people about your taste and personality. Therefore people majorly focus on the living room firs, then the kitchen, and lastly the bedroom.

The living room is the quite spacious and largest room in the house. Thus, homeowners have ample area to play around with furniture and designs. Check the internet and magazines to gain some ideas. Take a survey of all that captures your eyes. If you find different styles appealing, then don’t worry because you can always mix two or three designs and match them.

If you still are in hurry, then we’re here to help you with few tips that may give you an idea –

  • Sliding shed doors are the perfect touch to a farmhouse look. All your rooms can have sliding doors that open to the living room.
  • The caramel color or leather couch butterfly chairs ns with wooden or rustic furniture.
  • The shiplap has always been the best design for exterior walls, but how about using them for interior walls and giving it a countryside look. A modern farmhouse will look best with wooden planks at the backdrop.
  • If you don’t have pets or kids, then you can think of white fabric for furniture without fearing any stains.
  • Lacey fabric is common in those days on the coffee table. Colorful or white laces on cushions can also add elegance.
  • Without a fireplace, farmhouse style living room is incomplete. Either keep place it in the center or at the corner off the living area, the fireplace can be made of brick, wooden plank (if fireplace is artificial), etc.
  • If you’re a music lover, then add some banjo or guitar bought from an antique shop or old junk shop and hang it on the walls. Remember, not every time you need to buy things form an expensive antique shop, sometimes Old Street shops also sell old items which match the farmhouse look.
  • Modern lights with old rustic metals and old-style lamp designs are also good. The yellow and florescent bulbs will give it an old look.
  • Ceilings fans with the old design, metal sconces, and brass showpieces, rustic and wooden furniture with slight scratches still add some glorified look to it.
  • Certain items like a woven basket with artificial flowers kept in the corner of the living area on a wooden shelve and other items that you were planning to discard can be of great help if you slightly repaint it.
  • Certain living rooms can also be designed with a theme. Even farmhouse styles can have a theme like music, nature, dessert, cowboy style, etc.
  • Never purchase new furniture for a farmhouse look. Always go for second-hand furniture as worn furniture gives an old-style look.
  • Natural light is the focus of the living room and farmhouse style. Use a sliding door that opens to your balcony or garden and set a coffee table with wooden chairs beside it near the windows.
  • The farmhouse style can be adapted with any other style. Using mirrors with metal or wooden frame and hanging it in the center or above the fireplace also gives it a classic look.
  • Modern lights with old-style interior also blend perfectly. Tale lamps, hanging fixtures, wall-mounted lamps also give a perfect look

The farmhouse style is connected to nature. Therefore, anything related to stone, wood, is always welcomed to give a farmhouse feel. Check other sites and gain knowledge about certain items that give an old rustic look. Farmhouse style gives a warm and cozy feeling and reminds of childhood memories.

This style always relaxes and soothes the mind. There are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind. Old furniture, second-hand items, old rugs, and plain fabric are perfect ways of giving a farmhouse look to your house. Steel or metal sheds are an important element for farm style house.

Remember to give your house proper light. Keep the decor close to nature. Use natural light as much as possible. Give your dream house a perfect look.