Advanced technology helped different business fields to become popular among people. You probably think that e-commerce, the crypto industry, and the online gambling field are the most popular ones there. Of course, we can’t neglect that their popularity is huge. However, the adult entertainment industry keeps the first place for a long time. 

We do not want to say that the adult entertainment industry didn’t exist before the Internet arrived. However, it was not available to everyone like today. Everyone who has a stable Wi-Fi connection can easily watch adult movies, and make his free time more entertaining. 

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Still, many people do not want to get familiar with the entire industry. That is the reason why we prepared some interesting facts about the adult entertainment industry. It may happen that the facts we prepared for you will surprise you for a second. Because of that, let’s find them out together. 

Every Second Count


Here comes one interesting fact that some researches have shown. Believe it or not, nearly 30 000 people are watching adult entertainment online every second. While you were reading the previous sentence, around 30 000 new visitors visited an adult entertainment website. 

Despite that, some people are willing to go even further. They are ready to invest their money and make a more pleasant experience. Almost every second, adult entertainment lovers spend around three thousand dollars. You probably understand now why this business field is so profitable. 

New Videos Every Day

There is a good reason why we can find the word “entertainment” in the name of the industry. Different countries have different productions that create various categories of videos. However, when we talk about the USA, producers create and publish between 37 and 40 videos. Imagine how large the number is when you add some other countries to that list. The active recording is an entertaining thing for all lovers of adult videos. 

Adult Industry Has a Union


Imagine that videos that people watch regularly are censored. We are sure that the entire industry would not reach today’s popularity. That is the reason why the Free Speech Coalition is created back in 1990. It is some sort of a union that protects adult videos from obscenity laws and censorship. There is also the so-called Adult Film Association of America (AFAA). It is a union of people that are protecting the rights of all people that participate in the industry. For instance, they protect the rights of all directors, actors, and producers. 

Women Faces Are More Attractive

Some people have heard about Dr. Justin Lehmiller. It is one of the doctors that researched the viewing habits of adult video fans. He used an eye-tracking device to check the focus of different groups of people. Believe it or not, the majority of men were more focused on the female’s faces. That may seem strange because many people believe that viewers focus more on the private areas of a lady. 



We need to correct ourselves because we made a little mistake at the beginning of the article. Enjoying adult entertainment is available to ALMOST everyone. We need to mention North Korea as one big exception. Believe it or not, the punishment for viewing porn in that country is death. That fact can be essential for people that plan to travel there. 

Influence of Presidential Elections on Adult Entertainment

We are not quite sure why something like this happened in the past. However, it is something that deserves to be on the list of interesting facts about the adult industry. President Bush won the election back in 2004. In the next four years, the adult entertainment industry experienced popularity growth in red countries. On the other hand, the same thing happened with blue states after President Obama won the election. These are only facts, but there is no obvious explanation of why something like that happened. 

Earnings of the Male Actors


Female porn performers have better “salary” compared to the male actors. However, there is a good way for male performers to earn more money. If they decide to perform in gay videos, they can make around three times more. However, it is understandable why ladies that participate in the adult entertainment industry earn more. 

Women Stand Behind the Camera As Well

It is not a secret that the adult entertainment industry was mostly a male industry for a long period. However, more and more women are willing to work as producers. Despite that, they have an additional level of creativity to make the videos more entertaining and attractive. We don’t want to say that number of women behind the camera is big. However, there are some insights that things are going to be different in the future. 

Videos Can Be Educational


Adult videos do not only serve as entertainment. As you know, people of all ages are enjoying the adult entertainment industry. However, when we talk about adult videos, teenagers use them as educational material. More precisely, they watch videos because of the curiosity they have. 

Single Men Are Biggest Supporters

Logically, adult videos are more characteristical for single people. That especially counts when we talk about men. By the way, it is a big lie that women are not watching porn. Yet, they do that a lot less compared to the male population. 

Single men spend around 40 minutes on average per week on watching adult videos. In other words, they spend around 6 minutes daily to make their free time more entertaining. When we talk about men with a significant other, things are a bit different. They spend around 20 minutes per week on the same “activity”.