Everyone who loves casinos has probably become a player of online casino games too. Moreover, we can say that the online casino industry has benefited further in the past two years since we were exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic. Players in online casinos are unanimous in their assessment that the most attractive things about playing online games are jackpots – and amazing casino bonuses. But is that really so, and are there any downsides of online casino bonuses?

Online Casinos And Tempting Bonuses

Nowadays, online gambling is reaching its peak. There are more and more players, and many of them claim that the initial trigger to start playing was the bonus that online casinos are constantly offering. Most modern online casinos are resorting to a bonus strategy. Why? The answer is simple: It pays off for them! Namely, bonuses are a kind of way to attract new players – but at the same time, it’s the way to maintain the loyalty of existing players. For players, bonuses are a good way to increase their bank account – and sometimes even start the game without investing their own money.

The Downsides Of Online Casino Bonuses


No matter how tempting they were for the players, the bonuses should not be taken for granted. That is why players often meet on forums or sites where they can find answers to some of the questions that interest them. You can check this, and see that many of them have doubts about bonuses or payouts. We must emphasize that in addition to the many benefits of bonuses, we can also see some downsides that you should be aware of.

1. Unrealistic Big Bonuses Can Be a Scam

When you see the extremely large bonuses offered by one of the online casinos – first stop and think. Don’t let the offer blind you so much that you lose touch with the real world. Before you get hooked, inquire well about the reputation of an online casino – as well as the way they use bonuses and pay out winnings. We are not saying that this is always the case, but this situation can be an indicator of fraud – because many online casinos appeared and disappeared quickly by shutting down their sites. So think twice before the bonus amount completely blinds you.

2. You Can’t Withdraw Bonus Without Extremely High Bets


That is a common thing that we consider the downside of online casino bonuses. Namely, many casinos require high bets for withdrawing a bonus. Many players will say: Well, if you want to make money in a casino, you have to invest some money in it. That is true, but there must be some proportion in it. Some online casinos require you to play at very high bets to earn the bonus. Very often, chasing a bonus, players are left without both money and a bonus.

3. Restrictions On Games In The Bonus Race

That is one of the most repulsive downsides for all gamblers. Namely, most players have their favorite, lucky game. Whether it’s Lucky Sevens, Cowboys, or Diamonds – every gambler wants to choose what to play, and not be forced to play something else. However, in some online casinos, the rule is that for a bonus race, the casino determines which games can be played.

The Bottom Line


We have pointed out to you some of the disadvantages of online casino bonuses. However, you don’t need to generalize because most reputable casinos aim to keep their regular players – not turn them down. So, find a bonus and a game that suits you, and try your luck.