For many years, one of the things that may be keeping you from pursuing your dreams might be a failure– and the lack of self-confidence you need to overcome that fear.

This is actually something that everyone faces to some extent. And this fear of yours can be dealt with by improving your self-esteem and confidence. Without really thinking about it, you may have been doing these for years, and you may be already helping yourself overcome your fears and pursue your dreams– little by little.

1. Work on yourself


This may seem obvious. But, a nice shower and a shave may actually have a huge impact on your self-confidence and self-image. There will be days when this one tiny detail completely can completely change your mood.

2. Wear nice clothes

You’ll actually feel a lot better about yourself if you dress nicely. You may feel accomplished, presentable, and ready to take on the world with a nice outfit! Dressing nicely means different things to different people… It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing an expensive outfit, but it could mean wearing everyday clothes that are pleasing and presentable.

3. Smile confidently


Another cliche– but this works. When you smile, you might immediately feel better. And it also helps you to be kinder to others! It may be a small effort but with the potential to cause a chain reaction– not a bad use of your time and effort.

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4. Always look at the bright side of things

You must not only think positively– you must also act positively. In fact, action is the secret to developing self-confidence. Learning to think positively is one thing, but when you act on it, you gradually change yourself for the better.

You are what you do, so changing what you do greatly changes who you are. Act positively, take action rather than telling yourself you can’t, and be optimistic. Positively interact with others and put energy into what you do. You’ll quickly notice a difference.

5. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts


You must learn to be aware of your internal dialogue, your thoughts about yourself, and your actions. For example, when running, your mind might occasionally say, “This is too difficult.” or “I want to stop and go watch TV instead.”

Recognize this negative self-talk, and think as if negativity were a pest, and you would vigilantly look for these critters. When you catch one, mentally stomp on it and squash it. Kill it instantly. And then, change your mindset to a positive one: “I can do it!”

6. Know your principles and follow them

What are the guiding principles of your life? Consider your principles. You may have them already, but you may not have given them much thought about it. Consider whether you actually live by your principles or merely believe in them but do not act on them.

7. Speak slower


It may seem like a small thing, but it can have a significant impact on how others perceive you. A person in authority, speaking authoritatively, speaks slowly. It demonstrates self-assurance. A person who believes he is unworthy of listening to will speak quickly because he does not want to keep others waiting for something unworthy of listening to.

Try it a few times even if you don’t have the confidence of someone who speaks slowly. It will boost your self-esteem. Of course, don’t go overboard, but don’t sound rushed either.

8. Increase your competence

How do you feel more capable? Try improving your skills. Try researching and practicing– but take it one step at a time.

For instance: if you want to become a better writer, don’t try to tackle your entire writing profession at once. The more you write– the more skillful you become as a writer. Set aside 30 minutes daily to write, for example, and the practice will improve your skills.

9. Achieve small goals step by step


Set an achievable goal and work toward it. People frequently make the error of aiming for the moon and then becoming discouraged when they fail. Instead, aim for something more attainable. Set an aim you can accomplish and then go out and achieve it. That will make you happy.

Set another different small goal and work toward it. The more small goals you can achieve, the easier you’ll be able to achieve bigger goals in the future!

Start Building Your Confidence Today

Confidence is something that’s not an overnight success. It takes time and effort to build that self-esteem that you’ve been wanting to have. Work on these tips, and you’ll surely be able to be confident over time.