World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is amongst the most popular multiplayer video games played by millions of active players every day. One of the interesting features of the game is the PVP arena battle where you can compete with real-time players with your team. If you perform extraordinarily and win a lot of battles you can also achieve a glorious title of Gladiator in this game.

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They provide boosting services for WoW Shadowlands at a much affordable price. In this article, you will get insights into how to get the gladiator title in WoW Shadowlands.

Guide to obtain the gladiator title in WoW Shadowlands

In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, you can receive the gladiator title by playing arena matches with your team members. Not everyone can receive this glorious title and you have to compete with the best-skilled teams with experienced gamers.

You along with your teammates must have enhanced skillsets and proper communication if you want to stand a chance against other professional teams. The title can be only obtained if you are in the top 0.5 percent of the teams participating in arena battles.

You must be level 80 or above to participate in the arena season. The top 0.5 percent teams who earned this title can earn a corresponding arena mount. In each new season, the name of gladiator titles are kept different and unique.

Essential tips to follow while aiming for the gladiator title in WoW Shadowlands


Make strategies for the battles

If you want to obtain the gladiator title in WoW Shadowlands then ensure that you are prepared with multiple strategies that will help you to win the battles. Ensure that you have strategies that can even turn the odds in your favor.

Always remember to communicate your strategies with your teammates and ensure that they know their part in the play. Even if any teammate doesn’t perform well in a particular match, try to motivate them instead of accusing them of losing the battle. Try to build coordination and communication amongst your teammates.

Try to predict your opponent’s move


If you are experienced enough you can easily predict your opponent’s move and the strategies they are using. This will help you to formulate counter-strategies that will help you to defeat the opponent team. Moreover, never underestimate your opponents.

Even they have experience in playing the game and are aware of the strategies you will use. You can only win if you execute your strategies skillfully. Also, every class of heroes has different roles and if you are aware of them you can surprise your enemies with your counter-strategy. Don’t get disheartened if you lose a couple of battles.

Communication and co-ordinated is the key to win

Battles for the title of gladiator are extremely difficult to win. If your teammates are facing a lack of communication then you should give up on your objective of obtaining the gladiator title. You must try to build an effective communication channel that will allow you to communicate strategies within your team.

If your attacks are not coordinated then there is no point in aiming for the title. Coordination is only possible when there is proper communication with the teammates. It also depends on how much you have practiced together which will lead you towards victory. Use collective language with your teammates so they can understand everything you say.

Improve your gameplay


If your aim is the gladiator title then you must have a growth mentality after every arena battle. It’s not possible to win every game. Sometimes the opponent might have better luck or experience than you.

In such cases don’t get disheartened or feel demotivated. You should always try to learn from your past mistakes and try to avoid making the same mistakes again. This will improve your gameplay and skills up to another extent.

Skills come from hard work and you must always try to improve them. Moreover, your efforts matter, if you have given your best performance then don’t feel bad you can try again in the next game.

Keep yourself updated with the latest strategies

Even with the best skills, you can only win if you have updated yourself with the latest strategies. The game meta changes with every update and with every class of heroes you can approach with a different strategy. Do your research and follow every latest tactic to win more battles.

Chances of winning are always less when following any backdated tactics because most players are already familiar with them. It becomes easier for your enemies to come up with counter-strategies. You can read the latest articles and blogs, watch gameplay videos and walkthroughs so you can get the latest updates of the game.

Work on team performance and skills


Team performance and skills are equally important as individual performance and skills. You cannot win a battle alone, you will have to play as a team in proper coordination with proper communication.

So if you fail to defeat your enemies then discuss with your teammates the areas that you have to work on as a team. If you see your teammates not performing well then give them valuable suggestions or advice so they can improve their skills and get their confidence back.

Without team efforts, it’s not possible to achieve what you are aiming for. Obtaining the gladiator title is not easy at all. Several other teams are better than you so first work on team performance and skills.

The Bottom-line

Playing PVP arena battle in World of Warcraft is not easy at all. You have to face tough competition and things can get really intense but to achieve your target you should not lose your cool and be patient.

Motivate your teammates to perform better and upgrade their skills. Ensure that you are updated with the latest strategies and tactics that you can use against the opponents. Follow these tips to get the gladiator title in WoW Shadowlands.