If you are from the USA and you are reading this text, you may have never heard the saying that soccer is the most important secondary thing in the world. And you probably don’t get it way is that so. If you are from another part of the world, then it is likely that you have heard of this saying and that you fully understand it, and that it reflects your thoughts on soccer as well. For much of the planet it is a favorite pastime, but also a great passion. If you have ever seen matches between big rivals in Argentina, Turkey, Italy or Serbia, it is clear to you that these matches go far beyond just entertainment and seem more like a fight to the death.

Because of so much popularity that soccer has all around the globe, it is the sport that most people bet. So if you’re not a soccer fan, to you it might look easy to bet on that, because the rules are far simpler than in the NFL, for example. But we will explain to you why it is not easy, on the contrary why it is the hardest to bet on. And if you’ve ever bet on this sport, you probably know that you haven’t always managed to win money.

1. Too much emotions involved


Again, we come to a difference in cheering that is very noticeable between fans in the USA and in Europe or Latin America. There are very good and devoted fan bases in the USA, such as the Kansas City Chiefs fan base or the Golden State Warriors, but this is not even close to the fan base of numerous soccer teams. Just look at the highlights of some of the derby matches between the teams from the countries we have already mentioned. You will notice an incredible noise, then different types of pyrotechnics as well as police forces equipped as for riots. Fans often clash and then it is clear to you how much more seriously they take that game than, for example, the average NFL fan. This is what makes soccer very difficult to bet on. Any of these people who are very passionate will not be able to judge clearly. For example, no AS Roma fan will ever bet on Lazio, no matter how realistic the bet. This is exactly what takes away money from many people when they bet on this sport. That is because too much emotion is involved in decision making. And to be successful in betting, you have to be clear-headed.

2. Team sports are harder to bet on


This is something that everyone who is interested in betting knows and is not exclusively related to football but to all team sports in general. When you think about it, it is very logical. When you bet on tennis or Formula 1, all or at least 99 percent depends on that individual. And they very rarely make mistakes, for example Rafael Nadal lost only 2 matches at Roland Garros and won 100 which is extraordinary and only possible in individual sports. While for example Real Madrid, the most trophy-winning club in the world, has many defeats in every competition. This is the reason that no matter how good any individual football player is, he cannot bring victory on his own, but a lot depends on the rest of the team. Injuries, red cards and the like are always possible, which then completely changes the course of the match.

3. Huge offer


No other sport in the world has nearly as many professional competitions. That’s why the offer is huge and when you decide to bet on soccer, you are very often overwhelmed by so many games being played every day. As bookmakers from UFA online casino told us, every casino and sportsbook in the world offers variety of leagues from all over the globe. From Australia and Asia to the South America, it is up to you to decide. Then it very often happens that you are attracted by very favorable odds, and you don’t really know anything about that team or that league and then it’s too much of a risk. Soccer betting should not rely solely on luck but also on knowledge. But since it is impossible to know everything about soccer, then wrong choices often happen. For example, when you decide to bet on football, the choice is very small. You’ll most likely pick the NFL or maybe the top rated NCAA teams and that’s it. There are no pro leagues all over the world to choose from.

4. Very long season


In the years when competitions involving national teams take place, it is safe to say that soccer players have less than a month without competitive matches throughout the year. This leads to great fatigue of every player and therefore you cannot be sure whether they will always give their maximum. While the NFL lasts less than 6 months for the team that plays the SuperBowl, in soccer each team, no matter whether the last or first plays every week. It often happens that they play several matches during one week, for example the national championship and the Champions League. So it happens that they play more than 6 matches in three weeks. This is an unbearable pace, so it can very often happen that Barcelona, ​​for example, loses to the last placed team only because of fatigue, because two days ago they played a match in another country, which also includes travel.

5. No clear favorites


We can again compare it to some other sport where the favorites are very clear. For example Formula 1 where we are pretty sure that Lewis Hamilton will win the title. That does not exist in football. Each league has several high quality teams competing for the title. Then we can never be sure who will win, and there is also a draw. While in tennis one player always has to win, so you have a choice between the two of them, here you have a third choice, and that is a draw which makes betting even more difficult.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that make soccer so unpredictable and therefore can be considered the hardest sport for betting  in the world. This does not mean that you should avoid it when you want to bet, on the contrary. It is very interesting, it is only important that you are sufficiently informed about the league, teams and players.