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E17- Enlighten your Desktop!!

Enlightenment E17 or DR17 is a desktop environment that can serve as both the window manager and a desktop environment at the same time in your OS. What makes...

How To Set Up the Eclipse Theia Cloud IDE Platform on Ubuntu 18.04

IntroductionWith developer tools moving to the cloud, adoption of cloud IDE (Integrated Development Environment) platforms is growing. Cloud IDEs are accessible from every type of modern device through...

Logical Volume Manager LVM on Ubuntu Server

Logical Volume Manger, or LVM, allows administrators to create logical volumes out of one or multiple physical hard disks. LVM volumes can be created on both software RAID partitions and standard...

Commands to check hard disk partitions and disk space on Ubuntu

Here we are going to check some command that can be used to check up the partitions on your system.The commands would check what partitions there are on...

How To Burn a DVD On Ubuntu

OverviewBurning a DVD is still a great way to install Ubuntu on devices with an optical drive. In this tutorial we will show you how...

How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up WordPress with LAMP on Ubuntu...

IntroductionServer automation now plays an essential role in systems administration, due to the disposable nature of modern application environments. Configuration management tools such as Ansible are typically used...

How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

IntroductionPostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) based on POSTGRES, Version 4.2, developed at the University of California at Berkeley Computer Science Department. POSTGRES pioneered...

How to Use Facebook through the Command Line

A majority of Linux users prefer sticking to their terminal rather than accessing through a GUI for most of their daily tasks. Have you ever wondered whether there is any way...

Stunning Unity TV Mockups that you must see

Following Mark Shuttleworth’s announcement at the Ubuntu Developer Summit(UDS) that Ubuntu will be featured in phones,tablets and TVs in the next two years, Ubuntu enthusiasts like Ian Santopietro  and Michael Hall have...

Installing Nagios On Ubuntu

Network monitoring is one of the more important jobs in an enterprise. Nagios is an open source network monitoring tool through which you can monitor your network in a...
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Ubuntu 11.10 roadmap | Are we moving in right direction?

What is going to be in Ubuntu 11.10? Conclusions were drawn after much heated discussions and debates at the Ubuntu Developer’s...